Daddy Mojo takes the Holiday Shopping Challenge at Sears

by Daddy Mojo on November 29, 2011

My holiday shopping is almost done.  The 2-year old toddler, Jake and Charlie, our 2-month old are all sorted out with toys and clothing.  My wife and I decided that we would not give gifts to each other this year; instead we’d spend that money on needed things in the house or a gift for ourselves. I trust my wife that this isn’t a trick and that she really means it this year.

Initially when I went out to my local Sears store I was intent on purchasing an LP to MP3 converter.  However, when I got to the store my inner better self decided that it would be better to get something for the house.  We had talked about getting a vacuum that can also clean hardwood floors.

Haan Vacuum and Steamer

Haan Vacuum and Steamer

Because of that conversation I purchased the Haan Total Sweeper and Steam Mop.  My wife said that since it’s a Christmas present, we have to wrap it and place it under the tree.   So the Haan Sweeper is resting under the Christmas tree, waiting for December 25 or really dirty floors, whichever comes first.

I have two pairs of blue jeans.  One of those pairs has a rip in the knee and the other pair got some white paint on it the other week.  A pair of Lee Blue Jeans was also purchased.  This pair has been specifically earmarked for non home improvement use by the wife.

I picked up both of those items at my local Sears.  The sales representative that I spoke with in the vacuum department was polite and very knowledgeable on all of the vacuum/steamers that Sears sells.  When I checked out with the jeans the cashier offered my more ways to save money by paying with the items using a Sears charge card.

Craftsman Dog Bone Wrench

Craftsman Dog Bone Wrench

Craftsman 12V Inflator

Craftsman 12V Inflator

When I got home I went online to and purchased at Craftsman Dog Bone Wrench and Craftsman 12V Portable InflatorBuying online and then picking up at your local Sears store can save you cash and be super quick.

After you pay for the items online you’ll be sent a confirmation email.  Go down to the Sears store and the purchase will be ready in 5 minutes.  If the purchase isn’t ready in 5 minutes then you’ll be given a $5 store coupon, guaranteed.

My pickup was easy and did save me time.  Be advised to print all of the confirmation emails that are sent to you.  You can look it up once you’re there, but printing them in advance will save you time.


Until December 1 at they’re extending Cyber Monday. Just use the code RealJoy when checking out.

If you want to try your own Holiday Shopping Challenge at Sears they’re giving away $200 a day until December 24.  Just pop by their facebook page to enter.


Shop for gifts by price point and category.  Looking for a DIY gift under $25?  How about gifts for her under $50?  Browse and see what you can purchase and how much you can save.


Disclosure:  I was given product and compensated for the above ramblings.  The post consists of my own opinions and thoughts.  If my experience at Sears blew like a volcano or rocked like a hurricane, I’d let you know either way.

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