The Life and Times of a 6 month Old

by Daddy Mojo on April 12, 2012

6 months since your child was born and things are finally starting to settle down.   We just took More Mojo to the doctor for his 6 month check up and here are some medical observations, as well as his life at home.

Good bye formula

More Mojo giddy after napWe’ve been feeding More Mojo stage 1 baby food for the past month.  The doctor just gave us the go ahead to start him on stage 2 baby food, which is slightly more complex blend of simple foods.  It may  be a combination of bananas and strawberries or something simple like that.

My wife jokingly said that I could chew up food and spit it into his mouth like Alicia Silverstone, but I’ll pass on that.

More Mojo will now have the stage 2 food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while having formula for snacks.  When he gets fussy or starts to turn his head away from the stage 2 foods we’ll top him off with some formula.  Previously it was the other way around, but this way the doctor said he’ll be hungrier and start to get used to solid foods.

The teething continues

His teeth have not broken through yet, but he’s chewing on his little fists like there’s no tomorrow.

Mucus in the corner of the eye

For a couple days More Mojo had more mucus than usual collecting in the corner of his eye.  It wasn’t collecting on his eyelashes so we didn’t think it was pink eye, but we took him to the doctor anyway.  It turns that it was an ear infection and that mucus collecting in the corner of the eye can be sign of that.

The ear infection has long since passed, but More Mojo is still having mucus collect there.  The doctor said that it’s common for babies to have that happen, but by 9 months it should stop.  If the mucus doesn’t stop then the tear duct may have a small issue that the ophthalmologist can easily solve.

May I have your attention?

The 6 month old really enjoys looking at things now.  When we read books he sits in my lap now and looks at the pictures with his big brother.  He loves going outside and watching the tree limbs move around in the wind.

Sometimes when I need a moment to cook or do something I’ll put him in the stroller in front of the cats.   More Mojo loves looking at anything with colors or that moves.  Our cats are white and sleep a lot, but I still think he likes to look at them.

Chilling in my Bumbo

At 6 months old he’s on the cusp of being an ‘assisted sitter’.  More Mojo sits in the Bumbo for a little bit at a time several times throughout the day.  When he starts to get fussy we’ll hold him, go for a walk or put him back in the pack N play.

Our next doctor appointment is at 9 months old and we’ll keep you fully in the loop of what they’re doing.

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