Our favorite iPad app for toddlers this month

by Daddy Mojo on June 6, 2012

This month’s favorite iPad app for toddler is great because your child will love it and it’s free!  Factor in that the app is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally appisode and it’s a slam dunk.  Literally, if you have a toddler and an iPad you should stop reading this now and go download it, we’ll wait here.

Our toddler was late to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse routine.  However on our recent trip to Walt Disney World and The Hollywood Studios he saw bit of it and really enjoyed it.  When we home he saw an episode and is now hooked on it.  The upside for parents is that the show really teaches things like counting, vocabulary and shapes.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally plays out just like an episode of the show.  The app is very detailed and has many opportunities for your child to pull levers, move objects, count, say things or shake the iPad.  It’s an interactive game that’s manageable for a toddler to go through from start to finish.

OK, the first time Toddler Mojo did need encouragement to pull down a switch in the game, but that was it.  The running time for the app is the same as an episode of the show, around 24 minutes.  This is a great app when you need a moment from your toddler or when they receive a reward.

This is a full app that shouldn’t be free, but it is, so download it before Disney changes their mind. 

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