Lil Helper is a simple, helpful device that crawlers need to have

by Daddy Mojo on December 11, 2012

Little crawlers love the play the drop something game.  They drop it, you pick it up and the game repeats over and over.  Sometimes the game is cute.  When they play the game at the dinner table with their cup of milk it’s never cute.  The top pops offs, the milk spills, the dogs rush over to get a drink and you go to the sink to wet a towel to mop up the mess.   That’s the way that a dropped cup plays out in the Mojo house.  While it wasn’t the intended result to end this game, Lil Helper goes a long way to ending the dropped, spilled cup for your crawler.

Lil Helper is a simple device.  It’s a plastic ring shape on one end with its other end being wider for little hands to grab.  Your crawler will grab the ‘big’ end and pick it up so that they can drink all by themselves.  The ‘small’ end is big enough to accommodate all of the sippy cups that we have in the house. Lil Helper at lunch More Mojo (aged 14 months) immediately knew how to use the Lil Helper.  As long as we put his sippy cup in the correct way he is on auto pilot the moment he sits in the high chair.  The Lil Helper has a pair of dime sized rattle areas on the ‘big’ end and can be cleaned easily-which is important for your messy crawler.  Moments after the above picture was taken this happened. Lil Helper saves another cup from spilling Boom.  The cup and Lil Helper are thrown to the floor, with the lid on it and milk still there.  The only loser in that situation was a thirsty dog named Abby who is not a big fan of this new device.  Lil Helper is the product that will make you smack your forehead and as yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?” We were provided with a complimentary Lil Helper for review purposes.  All thoughts are our own. 

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Jason Swann December 12, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Sup Mojo, 
I slap my forehead on many occasions. This review provides me with one more reason to do just that. 


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