Celebrate World Play-Doh Day on September 16

by Daddy Mojo on September 15, 2015

Wednesday, September 16 is World Play-Doh Day! What exactly did parents do before Play-Doh was invented in 1956? And they only had four colors to entertain the kids with! Now there are over 50 colors, more than two billion Play-Doh cans have been sold and the average time that each separate color is blended into one green/gray color is :60. OK, that last factoid is based exclusively on our house, the amount of time could be shorter or longer in your house.

Celebrate #WorldPlayDohDay on September 16

At 2:00 PM ET on twitter you can follow #WorldPlayDohDay for a party to celebrate the creations that your children do and more. You can include any photos of flower pots, flags, dogs, cats, buildings or whatever else you and your kids create.

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We were sent the Play-Doh Max The Cement Mixer for our kids to play with, smash up some Play-Doh and make shapes. It’s from the Diggin’Rig series that has lots of construction vehicles that are meant for kids three and up. Our children are almost six and four. While I would love for them to make things, they’re much more into shapes, blending the separate colors into one and rolling over the Play-Doh with a vehicle.

For our two kids who love to smash, roll, punch and throw this is vehicle is a good for them. It comes with three accessories, a roller that goes in the front, a stamper that you use manually and a shaper that goes in the back of the truck.

Celebrate World Play Doh Day graphic

All kids have to do is put Play-Doh into the loading slot inside the belly of the cement truck and push down. It will come out of the shaping slot and down the guidance funnel.  There are also about a dozen shapes on the side of the cement truck for them to create molds of hammers, bricks and other tools that you might need when fixing or breaking the Play-Doh road that you’re working on.

It also comes with five cans of Play-Doh, all of which were promptly blended into dirt gray or construction green. I gave up trying to have our kids keep the colors separate. As a parent you need to know which battles to wage and which ones are expendable.

Your Play-Doh experience will vary, but will almost certainly be fun. Share the memories on World Play-Doh Day and join in the #WorldPlayDohDay twitter party at 2PM ET on September 16.

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