Snow doubt, Are We There, Yeti? is a 1-pun book that small children will enjoy

by Daddy Mojo on September 16, 2015

Are We There, Yeti starts out with Yeti, the school bus driver being introduced. Yeti is about the take the kids on a trip and they want to know where they are going. Anyone who had driven children two or older around will have a Pavlovian response to the “Are we there yet” query. It’s closely related to the
“Are we done yet” query, but possibly more annoying because everyone involved in the conversation is trapped inside of a moving vehicle.  Are We There, Yeti? takes that question, makes the driver of the vehicle a Yeti, combines it with soft, muted art to create a good-night book that kids 2-5 will really get a laugh out of.

Are We There Yeti is a one pun book that succeeds for small children

“What’s a Yeti?” our five-year old asked. I explained to him what a yeti is, where they might live and that their actual existence is questioned. Abominable snowman is very tough for a kid to say, yeti is much more palatable.

When I first saw the cover I was reminded of the book Harry the Dirty Dog that I had when I was a child. I loved that book. I vaguely remember the story, but I really remember the art. Its soft, warm images of Harry and the family are comfort food for anyone’s soul.

Are We There Yeti is a one pun book that succeeds for small children

Are We There, Yeti? has the same style of art. Its painted appearance soaks the entire page with mountains, snow, landscapes, children and yeti, lots of yet. This is a happy, simple book that has plenty of space for the adult reader to ask questions of younger readers; as well as lots of detail and merriment for children just begging their love of books to daydream and think.

Yeti is taking the kids on a surprise trip. The kids, being kids, are getting restless. This is a learning opportunity for your young readers because you can point out that the kids need to be patient. If only they would, but it all adds up, doesn’t it?

Are We There Yeti is a one pun book that succeeds for small children
Yeti is taking the kids to the mountains to play with dozens of Yeti children. They have snowball fights, build snowmen, make snow angels and have to leave entirely too soon for the children. On the drive back home the kids, just like the trip there, immediately ask, ‘are we home, Yeti’?

The book ends with the reader smiling, genuinely smiling and that is a rare thing for a children’s book. It’s also short enough to read again and your children will probably request that you do.

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