My Dinner with Ellio’s

by Daddy Mojo on May 20, 2016

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Dr. Oetker USA LLC. I have received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own. The 80’s were packed with great, innovative films. Back then, as it is today, I appreciated all sorts of films. One of those films I appreciated was My Dinner With Andre. This is a film that consists entirely of a conversation between Vizzini and some other guy and may not be the top choice for a 15-year-old movie fan, but I was a devotee nonetheless. You can’t thoroughly enjoy a movie without a great snack, and back then, Ellio’s frozen pizza was a go-to snack or meal for lots of kids my age. We may not have had the same movie tastes, but our preference for pizza was pretty consistent.

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Some of the films that I liked are still in my library today. The Evil Dead, Brazil, After Hours, Manhunter and several others are films that I’ll watch when I have the time. Like those classic films, Ellio’s frozen pizza is still in our freezer rotation, but for different reasons.

ellios pizza, my dinner with andre, pizza, dinner

Now, I’m a parent. We’ll have pizza once…OK, maybe twice a week and it’s a great meal that we know the kids will eat and love. Pair the Ellio’s with some salad, a little ranch dressing and you’re all but guaranteed that the kids will clean the plate. This is a win/win because it doesn’t require much work from me and the kids are happy and have a satisfying dinner.

The Ellio’s rectangle is tasty. We like to dip the crust into the ranch dressing (this is a way for the kids to learn the value of pizza bones at an early age). Health-wise, parents can be content, knowing that Ellio’s uses 100% real cheese, no artificial flavors and the shape makes it simple to cut into small squares for snacks at a party.

ellios pizza, my dinner with andre, pizza, dinner



Shopping bonus: Because the box is rectangular, it fits into your freezer easily. Another note: Ellio’s is sold on a regional level, check out the store locator to see where you can get your mitts on one.

As my movie tastes have aged, so has my appreciation for food. Ellio’s has grown up with me and while I sometimes want the basic cheese pizza that I know the kids will eat, it’s good to have the option of more meats and cheeses. Boom, Ellio’s drops the pizza knowledge like a Kid ‘n Play high top fade. For the times when I want to expand the children’s pizza topping possibilities, they’ve got options such as Supreme Italian and Five Cheese!

Dad tip: try the Supreme Italian for you and the wife. If your child is not a picky eater, then they might like it too. Our kids aren’t picky eaters per se, but definitely like the cheese pizza the best.

ellios pizza, ellios frozen pizza, 80's

Feeling a little #Pizzastalgia after my weekly Ellio’s meal with the kids, I went back and watched the trailer for My Dinner With Andre. I then got a cup of coffee so that I could stay awake for the second half of it. The trailer was long and boring and I questioned how I even sat through (much less recommended) that film to my friends. However, my sense of pizza is still intact, and anything starring Bruce Campbell or Kurt Russell is still awesome too.

Do you have any #Pizzastalgia memories of the 80’s or even the early 90’s? Share ‘em on Twitter for good fun and throwback times.

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