The LEGO Batman Movie review: it builds on the family fun

by Daddy Mojo on February 9, 2017

The fact that The LEGO Batman Movie is entertaining is not a surprise. If you saw The LEGO Movie and the subsequent previews for The LEGO Batman Movie it’s evident that a similar feel was happening with both of them. What audiences will be surprised at is just how hilarious, entertaining and ripe with quality The LEGO Batman Movie really is.

It starts out with a gonzo sequence that has Batman taking on every villain he’s ever faced. Literally every villain he’s appeared with, from Bane to the campy ones that he fought on television are here. Older fans will laugh so much that they’ll miss jokes as the villains toss off one liners about their vulnerabilities, poor stereotypes, speech ticks and hierarchy in Batman’s world. The opening sequence lasts about seven minutes, has a brilliant song, action, humor and is one of the best things you’ll see in movies this year.

From there viewers could expect the film to slow down on humor, action and pacing-and to an extent it does, but it doesn’t decrease in entertainment. We see Batman alone, secretly pining for a life with more and living the billionaire life that is Bruce Wayne. At a fundraiser for the orphanage he flippantly tells a child that he’ll adopt him and the main thrust of the movie starts.

The LEGO Batman Movie is all about Bats learning to work with other people and creating quality relationships. On paper that doesn’t sound entertaining. However, when you look at the way that Batman has been portrayed on film it sets up the table to perfectly satirize the character. Not only that, The LEGO Batman Movie points out and laughs at the character, as well as movie problems that have been part of the greater DCU.

Ironically, this film is just what those characters needed, a chance to show that they can be fun and not so drab or serious. Does The LEGO Batman Movie make me forget about the dreck that was Batman V. Superman? No, but it puts us back in the camp that the DC characters are not worth writing off when it comes to seeing them in cinemas.

There are so many ways that Batman has been represented over the years and this film manages to love, embrace and poke fun at all of them. The film is rated PG and manages to do the rare thing that films with avoid films that have this rating. It’s as entertaining for kids 5 and up, as well as the adults who would take them to the theater.

Our 5 year old didn’t like some of the louder scenes, but that was strictly due to the volume. “Quit laughing”, he told me early on in the film. However, after a couple of minutes he stopped his protests and simply started enjoying the film.

The LEGO Batman Movie will far surpass your expectations. It’s family friendly entertainment that parents will want to see and enjoy it as much, if not more than the children. The kids will laugh at the jokes, love the action and want to go home and build some with LEGO bricks, and that’s OK by us.


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