Disney PIXAR Cars #1, comic book is for the kids 8 and younger

by Daddy Mojo on March 19, 2017

Joe Books does a great job of transferring Disney characters into comic books. From their cinestory comics to the monthly titles for Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil and more they really hit their niche with young or reluctant readers. Disney PIXAR Cars is one of the most popular licensed properties in the world so it’s not surprising that it finally make it to comic books.

And for young readers, aged 5-8 Disney PIXAR Cars will be a very fun comic book. It has all the characters that fans know from the films with Mater and Lightning present in every story. The comic book consists of several short stories that are 4-6 pages each. Each story takes place in a familiar territory like Radiator Springs or on a race track with Lightning.

Young readers will like the art, short stories and laugh at the appropriate times. However, readers 9 or older will get bored of the comic. Maybe it’s the length of each short story but they all end like an episode of Three’s Company. Someone says a pun, all the characters laugh and we end it with a shot of the credits.

Disney PIXAR Cars, the comic book is for those young Cars fans that want to read along to Radiator Springs. It’s not a particularly entertaining comic book and fans older than 9 will quickly figure that out.



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