New all age comics for April 12, 2017

by Daddy Mojo on April 11, 2017

Gird your loins because Free Comic Book Day is just over three weeks away. It’s the first Saturday in May, which falls on the sixth this year and it’s a chance to get free comics. We’ll have more on that in the coming weeks. That is worth mentioning because there are lots of great all age comics that are available for new comic book day, which is every Wednesday, as well as Free Comic Book Day. There are new comics and graphic novels that will appeal to readers aged 5 and up. We’ll also take a look at two titles that will interest and be appropriate for teen readers. Here are five of the more interesting or go-to all age comics that your young readers need to know about.

The Amazing Crafty Cat

The Amazing Crafty Cat is an original graphic novel that looks like the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while. Girls will enjoy this book more than boys, mainly because it’s the story about a little girl that uses crafts to get herself out of problems. Her alter ego, who can craft like nobody’s business is The Amazing Crafty Cat. Expect fun for ages 4-9, the older ones will able to read it by themselves, while the younger ones will need assistance as a good night book.

Spongebob Comics: Silly Sea Stories

Spongebob Comics is one of the go-to all age comics that you can pick up any month. Spongebob Comics: Silly Sea Stories is volume 1 of previously released classic stories from under the sea. These stories vary in their length, artwork and presentation. Some will be as short as one page, whereas others might be 13 pages. The variety in these stories is what really makes Spongebob Comics fun. This is art in all age comics that will help young readers accept different interpretations of things that they are familiar with. You’ll still have trouble with them eating their vegetables.

Guardians of the Galaxy

There are two Guardians of the Galaxy comic books out this week. Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy is the one that’s great for ages as young as 5. This is action, humor and at only $2.99 it’s a treat for the wallet too.

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic

My Little Pony is one of the classic all age comics. Legends of Magic is a new title featuring My Little Pony. This is back to basics Equestria with new stories, classic characters and back story that old fans don’t know. Most importantly, it’s a great jumping on point for new readers, written by Jeremy Whitley who has done MLP, in addition to his own creations for years.

Disney Princess Comics

This graphic novel is for the girls. Disney Princess Comics Collection Volume 2 collects issues 5-8 of the monthly Disney Princess series from Joe Books. Name any Disney Princess and they’re in here, these are funny stories that ages 5 and up will laugh at.

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