Spongebob Comics Silly Sea Stories fills a porous void

by Daddy Mojo on April 20, 2017

Spongebob Comics has been one of our go-to all age comics for years. Spongebob Comics Silly Sea Stories is a graphic novel that any age audience; who is down-or has ever been down the pineapple under the sea will laugh maniacally to while smiling to with buck teeth.

In a way Spongebob Comics is taking a page from Simpsons Comics with this book. Simpsons Comics is monthly, Simpsons Illustrated collects some stories from Simpsons Comics and is published quarterly. Add on to that fact that there are several Simpsons graphic novels that are published annually and you’ve a spikey haired printing industry.

Spongebob Comics is monthly. Spongebob Comics Silly Sea Stories is the first of two compilations from Spongebob Comics that collects stories from their monthly series. One reason why we like this title so much is that each issue stands on its own with several different stories that are drawn by different artists. Each story is about Spongebob, Gary, Patrick or Mr. Krabs, but they might look different.

As an adult who is exposing our children to as much as possible I love the fact that the base characters are the same, they just look different. It’s a chance to explain art, presentation and to an extent, life to our kids. Adventure Time Comics did the same thing recently with different artists taking on short stories in with Finn and Jake. Art Baltazar is allowed to do that with many different characters including Archie or any number of superheroes.

Our 7 year old loves this comic book and all but did a back flip when he saw this graphic novel. This is one that he’s able to read on his own with ease and often serves as his self guided reading. It’s also very funny. I read it and laugh, but I also laugh at the show. If you’re looking for a great entry point into all age comics you won’t find a better entry point than Spongebob Comics Silly Sea Stories. It’s priced at $10.95 and has 106 pages of all color fun.


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