Dad, Hundreds of Awesome Quotes is semi-inspirational bathroom reading

by Daddy Mojo on May 9, 2017

If Father’s Day had a stocking then Dad, Hundreds of Awesome Quotes about the Guy Who Does It all would be in there. Of course, Father’s Day doesn’t have that, instead it has neck ties and after shave. These are both two things that most of my friends (thankfully) don’t use too much of. Think of a famous person, be them man or woman and in any field, sports, entertainment, literature, religion and even some old proverbs. This book lives up to its title and indeed has hundreds of quotes from these people about their dad.

Dad, hundreds of awesome quotes, fathers day

Some of the quotes are witty, profound and reflective. Surprisingly some of the better quotes in the book came from people who you might not expect. I really liked Pink’s quote about her father that basically said to always tell the truth as that will make things easier in the long run. It might not be easier in the short term, but people will always know where you stand. So there’s a little bit of self-help book in here too.

Have you ever been to someone’s bathroom and they had the duct tape book there? If not, then it’s just my friends. Regardless, they might have some sort of book like this in their bathroom or perhaps their living room. Dad, Hundreds of Awesome Quotes is the sort of book that’s impossible to hate, but also difficult to truly love. However, books like this do have a guaranteed built in audience who will love it.

Dad, Hundreds of Awesome Quotes is semi-inspirational bathroom reading 2

Those folks will smile from ear to ear as they read various folks saying things about their dad or how being a dad impacts the way that they behave or feel. At a minimum, every other page will have something that’ll make parents smile or think about their child.

Books like these are fun to read in the moment and are ones that readers will come back to over and over. They’re a bit like rice cakes in that they’re not filling and forgettable, but you’ll probably come back for more in a day or two.


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