Fruits In Suits, a worthy sequel to one of our favorite children’s books

by Daddy Mojo on July 9, 2017

Fruits In Suits by Jared Chapman is the sequel to one of the greatest books that our children have read. That book is Vegetables in Underwear and is one that I credit in helping potty train our then 3-year old to stop wearing diapers and to use the potty. His latest book is all about suits and fruits, that being sometimes fruits in suits and packed with puns galore.

Jared chapman, fruits in suits, pottytraining, vegetables in underwear,

This is simple text with funny pictures that kids 3 and up will laugh themselves silly over. Kids younger than that will still love to look at the pictures, but might not get the shadow that the large pun in the book casts.  Without giving away the farm away with its plot, think about how many ‘suits’ one could realistically wear and place the punch line firmly in the swimming pool. Now feel free to watch in your mind’s eye as kids 5 and younger laugh away.

And our 5 year old did laugh when he saw various fruits going swimming. Then he laughed even harder when he saw a vegetable going swimming in his birthday suit. We then explained to him what ‘birthday suit’ meant and why we all had one and he laughed even more. Fruits in Suits is silly, good book fun that ages 5 and younger will immediately laugh at.

Jared chapman, fruits in suits, pottytraining, vegetables in underwear,

If you have a 3 year old they’ll pivot back and forth with laughter as you read this to them. Jared Chapman and his illustrations have a way of speaking directly to that age group to make them laugh or learn something. His earlier book, Vegetables in Underwear can be used as a teaching tool for that age to make them realize that they don’t need to wear diapers. Fruits in Suits is played strictly for laughs-unless you want to approach the book as testament against going skinny dipping.

Chapman’s style of simple, large artwork is present and will easily identify with that age group. It’s packed with all sorts of fruits running around the pool, going for a swim and ultimately for one young red bodied fellow, taking their trunks off. Fruits in Suits isn’t just for summer time or for those near the beach. This is good, silly fun that the pre-K and early elementary set will really enjoy. His first book, Vegetables in Underwear is now available as a board book. That one gets an even more enthusiastic thumbs up for its ability to tell kids, in a way that they’ll really get, to use the potty.




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