Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017

by Daddy Mojo on August 15, 2017

Happy New Comic Book Day! Every Wednesday lots of new books make your way to local stores and we’re taking a look at the best all ages comics for the week. Specifically, these five are great titles that you can jump into without knowing what happened in previous issues. It’s not as if you’re starting out with issue #1, in most cases, but readers as young as five can jump into some of these all ages comics. The music in the podcast is from Forget The Whale, over at Free Music Archive.

Jumpa: The Origin of Wonder Woman’s Kanga

What? Wonder Woman has a pet kangaroo? Apparently she’s had one for a long time and this book is geared to really young readers five and up, with a story by Steve Korte and art by Art Baltazar. There’s also a Super Pets book out featuring Streaky, Supergirl’s cat, Ace, Batman’s dog and Krypto who is Superman’s dog.

Uncle Scrooge

Our five year old loves all things Disney. Whatever they put in that magical elixir he certainly got his fair share. Uncle Scrooge #29 is out this week and is indeed one of the great all ages comics, but it’ll be best enjoyed by kids who are seven and up. That is entirely due to the vocabulary and that ages younger than that might not be able to read it on their own. These Walt Disney titles from IDW are printed in English for the first time and usually translated from Italian, French or Spanish.

Future Quest Presents

Future Quest, the DC Comics series that reintroduced the classic Hanna-Barbara characters to comic books ended its mini-series run. In its place is Future Quest Present and issue #1 from this mini-series is out this week. Future Quest brought the team together to modern times. Now in Future Quest Presents we get stories that are strictly devoted to certain characters. First up is Space Ghost, his quest to rebuild the Space Force and mysterious new villains. Future Quest Presents has content that will be OK for ages seven and up, but might require too much reading for them to really enjoy it. Ages nine and up who like cool science fiction with adventure will get the most out of this series.

Teen Titans Go!

People as young as five can pick up Teen Titans Go!, making it one of the go-to all ages comics each month it comes out. The visuals are bright, the action is silly, it has superheroes that they know from the television show and it’s only $2.99.

Doctor Who

We’ve talked about Doctor Who in the podcast lots and some folks aren’t convinced that it can be classed as an all ages comics. Ages nine and up will get the most out of this comic book. There is not anything graphic about Doctor Who, but it’s more complex than most of the younger skewing comics. It’s science fiction that fans of the show will immediately dig. There’s also a sly sense of humor in the comic that is evident by its cover homage to The Matrix.

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Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017 Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017 Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017 Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017

One of the best all ages comics this week is this original graphic novel, Alexander Hamilton. It's all history and great for ages 9 and up.

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