Super Sons #10 review, Muppet Babies no more

by Daddy Mojo on November 19, 2017

Super Sons is the story of Jon, the son of Superman and Damian, who is the son of Batman. When the series was first announced and I took a look at the comic book I decried it as Muppet Babies. In hindsight, that was the adult comic book purist in me. I didn’t give the comic a chance and here we are, almost a year late it’s one of our son’s favorite comics. Super Sons #10 is a great jumping on point for new readers because it’s a stand-alone story that has our two young heroes being presented with their own superhero hideout.

art from Super Sons #10 by DC Comics

Of course, being that Super Sons has the son of Superman there is also some flying and experimenting with his new found powers. We see Jon has learned how to fly without the assistance of a running start. The two are provided with an underwater hideout to hone their skills as they protect Metropolis and Gotham City.

Again, don’t let the comic book purist of the linear thinking side of you get involved with this. Don’t question who their mother is or how the fact that Batman and Catwoman can still be enemies when they have a child together. *

The bottom line is that Super Sons is a series that kids will enjoy. The art is top notch and drawn in the same vein as the adult versions of their dad’s title. The technical rating for this comic book from DC Comics is T for teen. Some issues of Super Sons might warrant that rating for some parents. However, most parents will be OK with their 8 year old reading the comic book.

The violence isn’t too bad, especially in this issue. There is only one scene that might scare kids-and realistically it’s more likely to confuse them than scare them. It’s a scene from the future where Batman looks none too pleased as he’s rising from a burning pile of rubble. He stands up and dramatically says The Apocalypse is back on.

Me, I’m just glad they spelled apocalypse correctly. Kids will relate to the father/son dynamics with each character. There are some genuinely funny moments while Damain is speaking with his father about why they’re going someplace. It’s short, quippy dialogue that any parent or child will relate to and understand what that character is feeling.

If you’re in upper elementary or middle school and looking for a fun comic book it’s worth checking out Super Sons. It’s smarter than you think it is and might just surprise your comic book geek parent too.

*I’m totally guessing about this. See, don’t start asking questions unless you want to read all of he issues, which you may well want to.

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