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My name is Trey Burley and I’m a Stay At Home Dad.  I feel like I belong in a support group that meets Wednesday nights in the basement of a local church when I say that. Our son Jake (Toddler Mojo) was born in 2009 and Charlie (More Mojo) was born in 2011.  Toddler Mojo often says “Mo baby”, which is unlikely to happen unless we have Unexpected More Mojo. It rocks raising our sons;  having said that, it’s a huge learning curve.  Each day that I spend with them is exhausting but also so rewarding.

Before I was a Stay at Home Dad I worked in public relations, so in 2010 I started Daddy Mojo, a dad blog about parenting, children, relationships, life and poop culture.  We share stories, tips, reviews and humor about how to deal with those that call us Daddy or Mommy. Some of the recurring features on Daddy Mojo include Naptime DIY and The ManCave, to name a few. In addition to stories we usually do a couple product reviews every week as well as giveaways we think would be groovy.

That’s a bit about us, spread the Mojo and please share any tips or observations.  If you’d like to guest post at Daddy Mojo please send an email and let us know what’s on your mind. You’re welcome to check out the Contact Mojo page for all of the ways to reach Mojo Central.

Trey, AKA, Daddy Mojo

Jenny, AKA, Mommy Mojo

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