The Ambrose Deception is middle school, entertainment reading gold

February 8, 2018

For us the book tracks near The Book Scavenger, a series that has character of a similar, playful nature that also made it very fun to read.
The content in The Ambrose Deception will be OK for middle elementary school students, but some of the vocabulary will be too difficult for that age. Upper elementary students, if they are great readers, will be able to fully enjoy the book without tagging up for help from an older sibling or parent. The Ambrose Deception is by Emily Ecton and on the surface doesn’t leave much room for a sequel. However, the affable qualities of the characters in the book should make parents want to seek out more of Ecton’s work.

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All ages comics for February 7

February 6, 2018

Neither of our kids have seen Back to the Future. Both of them would be OK with the content, it’s just a matter of too many great 80’s films and not enough time. If they had-and could read at a higher level they would really want to read Back to the Future from IDW Publishing. The monthly series is great and blends science-fiction, action and humor in as well as the classic film. They’ll sometimes have nice mini-series that concentrate on certain characters and Time Train is one of them. Doc Brown has made a time train for his wife Clara and they’re visiting the 1939 World’s Fair. Not surprisingly, some other folks are aware of their presence and are up to no good. This has realistic art and a great story for those middle school readers who like time travel or have seen Back to the Future.

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Netflix and some streaming options for the flu and cold season

January 31, 2018

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
This was the first film our 6YO saw during his flu binge marathon. My wife said that he was watching Willy Wonka and I hoped that it wasn’t the freaky, needless update called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It wasn’t and out son had discovered a true classic film that features one of the funniest and classiest stars to perform on the silver screen.
That got us talking about Gene Wilder and the charming, enigmatic performance he delivered in the film. Contrast that to the train wreck that was its money grab of a reboot and you’re in a different league of entertainment. Side note: if said train wreck is what you’re looking for that’s available on Netflix too.

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Hammy and Gerbee, Mummies at the Museum, a kids 1st graphic novel

January 28, 2018

Hammy and Gerbee are best friends, one’s a hamster and one’s a gerbil. The school year has just started and they’re relieved to find out that they’re in the same class. Unfortunately for them, Hanna and Anna, the twin girls who live in their neighborhood are too. They tease each other, make up stories, have spelling competitions and generally antagonize each other.
It’s because Anna wins the spelling competition that she gets to choose where the class goes for a field trip. She chooses the museum which is the scene for a pair of security guards who are planning on stealing something and elementary school hijinks with laughs and funny scares.

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Paddington 2 is the real, bear deal and goes Empire Strikes Back on us

January 26, 2018

This was due to the script, human actors and one minimalist bear. Hugh Grant plays Phoenix Buchanan, a once famous actor who is now doing dog food commercials and emceeing the opening of fairs. His character brings in the way that most people think of actors behaving in real life. He’s vain, has photos of himself everywhere in his house and is obsessed with his glory days. It’s also hilarious to watch, especially for adults who have followed him since the 90s.
As a script Paddington 2 knows which plot threads to follow and which ones to leave dangling. The plot revolves around a birthday present that Paddington wants to purchase, but said present gets stolen and he’s the only suspect. Paddington then goes to jail where he mulls about what he’ll get his aunt, his new friends and a suspect chef named Knuckles

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Norman, The Slug with the Silly Shell review

January 25, 2018

As he oozes slime the bird’s talons lose their grip and Norman gets to explore something else that’s new, falling back to the ground. Thankfully Norman makes a safe landing, but now he’s got the flight bug. If only he had a way to fly….
This concept works and it works in Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell. The pages have bright art that cover every square inch of paper in the book. It’s also utterly happy and makes for a great good night book. This can be long enough to read once or if you read quickly, read it twice to your small ones. Fans of Hendra’s earlier book, Keith, The Cat With The Magic Wand will immediately like Norman.

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Win a family 4-pack of tickets to a sneak of Peter Rabbit in Atlanta

January 24, 2018

The sneak preview for this showing of Peter Rabbit happens February 3 at 10:00AM in Atlanta. We’re giving away two 4-packs of tickets so that you can bring all of the kids, or invite a young friend or two. To enter just leave a comment below and you’re in it to win it.

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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Tales of Hope & Courage review

January 23, 2018

Each story is between 13-19 pages long and has vocabulary that second graders and up will be able to read with ease. That age will also enjoy the journal format of the book-once they get used to it. On any given page the font could be different or have the words in different sizes. Young readers who are familiar with graphic novels won’t notice it, however, readers who are coming to Tales of Hope & Courage from non-illustrated books might need to adjust their eyes as they read the font.

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