We Are The Dinosaurs is picture book magic for 6 and under

May 17, 2017

Our dinosaur friends get woken up from their nap where they run down the volcano into the arms of their family. We Are The Dinosaurs is a picture book that the 6 and under set will love. One concern we had is that reading the book would encourage children to stand up and do the song. We read the book many times to a class of pre-K students and that didn’t happen once.

They all sat on their bottoms, asked to see the pictures, gestured with their arms and pumped their legs (as they sat criss cross apple sauce thank you very much). This is the same class that performed the song for the fall school presentation, so I know that they know and love the song. Yet, they were perfectly content to sit back, re-live the story, listen to someone read a great book with big, dinosaur pictures as they used their imagination.

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New all age comics for May 17, 2017

May 16, 2017

Yo Kai are everywhere. All Nate wants to do is protect his hometown from those mischievous creatures, but Yo Kai are everywhere. First the manga and show from Japan, then Disney purchased the television rights and now Yo Kai Watch is in a monthly comic book. The vocabulary is OK for ages 5 and up, but those younger kids will need help reading the bigger words.
This is a graphic novel version of the first three Star Wars films, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Sure kids may know the story, but it’s always fun to read about it too.

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The Adventures of Kung Fu Robot, silly, fun interactive graphic novel

May 13, 2017

Now, factor in the ‘interactive’ elements of Kung Fu Robot. There’s a free app that you can download that allows readers to engage Kung Fu Robot with Kung Fu Vision. With the app open you look over the pages in the book and on take part in over 30 activities that are new and exclusive to the book. These include games, puzzles, music and oodles of never before seen content. This works with Apple or Android devices and each app is available in the app store or on Google Play.
Comic book fans don’t need the app or technology to enjoy Kung Fu Robot, but it does enhance what kids will get out of it. However, fans of Kung Fu Robot are used to technology and will readily make the jump from an online comic to a physical graphic novel. If anything, this book is better suited for existing fans of Kung Fu Robot so that they can use the app in tandem with the book.

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Bats, Learning To Fly is fun-based education in a graphic novel

May 12, 2017

Parents (and librarians) know that a well intentioned book that’s well made is mute if kids don’t want to read it. Bats does not have that problem. It starts off with brown bat talking to itself while flying over the dessert at night and realizing that it’s lost. There’s a group of nature tourists below who are leaning about the animals of the dessert when they start asking stereotypical questions about bats.
They’re scared, think that the bat will drink their blood and start swatting it away when it approaches their insects that their lamp is attracting. One of the tourists hits the bat’s wings, causing it to crash on the ground. The park ranger knows just what to do as he puts the bat into a paper bag and tells the group that there’s a local veterinarian that can assist.

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Ride The Rails is can’t-miss railroad fundraising fun in North Georgia

May 11, 2017

The railroad motor car moves at about 10 miles an hour and heads 2.5 miles down the track where it stops. At this point the conductor will explain a bit about the history of the line and answer any question about trains, model trains or handcars that you might have.
When the car gets back to Mineral Bluff Depot you’ll have a chance to work an actual handcar. This is the push vehicle that you’ve seen in many movies that allow one side to push down, which the other side goes up, which propels the cart forward. Spoiler alert: this is really fun and an experience that you’ll rarely, if ever have again.

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I Love You With All My Butt, silly, surreal statements from kids

May 10, 2017

When our 7 year old was 3 there was a knock at the door. “Who’s at the door? Is it monkeys”, he asked and then answered. Literally he asked a question and without hesitation provided us with his answer. “Well, if it’s monkey’s we’re moving”, my wife said without missing a beat. I Love You With All My Butt is laugh filled hoot for dads. For the geeky, pop culture dads, It’s a more appropriate Father’s Day gift than an introspective book that’ll make them ponder about the nuances of being a father. Bully on that, those dads want to laugh and see the bright, silly, surreal side of being a parent and I Love You With All My Butt covers that and more.

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Dad, Hundreds of Awesome Quotes is semi-inspirational bathroom reading

May 9, 2017

Have you ever been to someone’s bathroom and they had the duct tape book there? If not, then it’s just my friends. Regardless, they might have some sort of book like this in their bathroom or perhaps their living room. Dad, Hundreds of Awesome Quotes is the sort of book that’s impossible to hate. Books like this have a guaranteed built in audience who will love it.
Those folks will smile from ear to ear as they read various folks saying things about their dad or how being a dad impacts the way that they behave or feel. At a minimum, every other page will have something that’ll make parents smile or think about their child.

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New all age comics for May 10, 2017

May 8, 2017

Ms. Marvel is technically rated T+ from Marvel Comics. It’s not an all ages comic book per se, but ages 10 and up will enjoy it. Think of a more grounded and less surreal Squirrel Girl, with slightly more superhero action. This comic book is set in a young adult world where dating, social interaction, real world problems, as well as saving the world-or at least her corner of it happen in each issue.

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