; August iPad apps that will entertain toddlers

August iPad apps that will entertain toddlers

by Daddy Mojo on August 10, 2011

The dog days of summer are a fabulous time for the iPad.  It’s too hot to go outside, there’s not enough time to go to the pool and your toddler is restless.  If you’re in that boat and your toddler needs a quick distraction then these three apps will entertain and give them a bit of an education to boot.

Photo Touch Zoo

This app is a game that tests their listening skills.  Granted when they’re a toddler their listening skills are marginal at best, but with a little practice Photo Touch Zoo will help.  It starts out easy with the pictures of three animals on screen and a narrator asking “Where is the ….”?  If you touch the wrong animal a ‘clinking’ sound will play each time they touch the wrong one.  When they touch the right animal it will say “Super”, “Good job” or a variety of other encouraging phrases.

The app never gets too difficult and will only display five animals at maximum.  There are about 30 animals featured in the app, which gives toddlers a nice variety of critters to look at and make animal sounds.  There is an app by the same designers that has the alphabet, it’s a bit more difficult, but if your toddler like the animal app, then the alphabet one is worthy while too.  This app is .99.

ABC Alphabet Animal Flashcards

ABC Alphabet Animal Flashcards teaches the alphabet, as well as one animal that correspond to the letter that’s being shown on the screen.  It shows the letter first by its alphabet name (not phonetically) and will flip over to the animal once you tap the screen again.  Simply flip the screen to the next page and you’re cruising down the alphabet.

There are alternate versions of this app that feature vehicles and musical instruments also.   Toddler Mojo will rotate among all three, but usually prefers the animal one.   This app, as well as, the other two that are similar to it are free.

Amazing My First Words Shapes & Fruits

This is Toddler Mojo’s favorite app of the month.  It’s a very simple app, with happy music and bright colors that teach shapes and fruits.  Amazing My First Words displays and says the word, in addition to having a happy caricature of the shape or fruit.  That’s it.  It’s a very simple app, but Toddler Mojo loves it and has learned all of his fruits and most of his shapes because of this app.

Have you got a good toddler app for us?  We’d love to hear it, but remember, we’re cheap and usually only get free apps.  If you don’t have AppShopper for your Apple device you should download it now as it can get you loads of apps for free!

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