Robot boxing in our #ManCave, our wish list item at Best Buy

by Daddy Mojo on September 15, 2015

We’ve been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Have you seen Real Steel? It a Hugh Jackman film from 2011 about robot boxing. It’s a fabulous film that my wife even liked, it’s not that she’s a movie snob, she just went in with low expectations-partially due to my constant raving about it. In my ideal man cave I would have a robot boxing ring like this vision of robotic wresting on the Best Buy site.

Robot boxing in our #ManCave, our long term wish list at Best Buy

Call it a robot fight club if you like, but with the way that economically priced robots are appearing on the marketplace the only thing holding my metallic boxers back is our lack of space.

Robot boxing in our #ManCave, our long term wish list at Best Buy

See, doesn’t that look cool? Plus, if you plan your robot boxing ring carefully it could take place in another dream man cave idea, perhaps a smart putting green or a 4K Ultra HD television. Best Buy has six dream ideas for your man cave update. Call it a happy coincidence if you’re building a house-you can make plans for PC Gaming Station, Kegerator with a 3D printed tap or more thanks to good planning and a basement.

I’m trying to keep my man cave dreams approachable. A robot boxing ring would be educational, fun and could easily encompass some of the other ideas. It’s educational because our kids could help work on the robots. They’d have fun working on them and between the math, programming and physical skills, their STEM homework from school would get a leg up.

Any of the projects listed on the Best Buy website would be cool. Heck, even just clearing out the clutter and dated technology from the first photography, plus a little paint and new lights would go a long way towards making the man cave a reality. I mention that because a couple of my friends have a basement that looks entirely too similar to that first image.

Even in our relatively small man cave there is space for a 4’ x 4’ scaled down robot fight club. And the MiP Robots that you see in the GIF are only $89. Any of those ideas are winners, even if you fancy a video game fortress it can be done without a total room renovation.

So, which tech idea would help create your ultimate man cave? Bonus, if you have any questions about these projects the website can assist and you can get hands-on with the technology at your local Best Buy.

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