Star Wars Dot-to-Dot, deliver the fun Force one at a time

by Daddy Mojo on September 8, 2017

To some people this seems like torture. Star Wars Dot-to-Dot has hundreds of numbers and dots on each page that need to be connected. When you finish each puzzle you’ll have an incredibly detailed picture that happened at some point in time in the Star Wars storyline. By looking at each page without any markings you might be able to roughly see the outline of a face, craft or bot, but you won’t be able to identify them.

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We do love complex dot-to-dot books. The other one’s that we’ve done are simpler compared to Star Wars Dot-to-Dot. Prior to doing some of these puzzles I didn’t think there was a difference. For example, our seven year old can easily do the puzzles in the other books that we’ve done. These puzzles he’s unable to do and it’s not because he’s not a Star Wars fan.

Some of the dots in this Star Wars puzzle book are shared. They might have three different numbers that sit on top of, to the right, left or under the dot. This isn’t too taxing for teens or older puzzle people to get around, but those elementary school age kids might have trouble with patience, dexterity and managing to think ahead so that all of the dots aren’t connected yet. The puzzles in this book are also smaller than some dot-to-dot puzzle people might be used to. This means a more challenging puzzle experience even for those that are used to books like this one.

Star wars, star wars dot to dot, puzzle, dot to dot, dot-to-dot, star wars dot-to-dot

Having said, ages 12 and up that like fun, highly detailed, Star Wars drawings that appear in front of your eyes, will enjoy these challenges. Some of the puzzles are two-page gatefolds, while some take up one page. Those two pages puzzles are deceiving because you might not even know that they’re a two-page puzzle until you’re knee deep in doing them.

To make things even more complex, those puzzles have different colored numbers and it’s mandatory for you to complete one color before starting on the next. On more than a couple occasions I found myself going from blue to green, only to have to back up a couple numbers until I was on track again. Even when that happened the slight miscalculation was not evident in the final illustration. That’s because the dots are so close to one another that, as long as you don’t get in a hurry, you’ll be able to correct yourself within a couple dots.

As is with any detailed craft book it’s OK to use a strong magnifying glass. Unless you’re a pilot, it will be needed, as will a fine point pin or sharpened pencil. At the end of the book you can see what each finished puzzle should look like. This is a way that you can give your mind’s eye a clue as you’re doing the puzzle or you can do the puzzle of your choice first. Name a character from Star Wars and they’re here. Grand Moff Tarkin, an Exogorth, Tusken Raider, Shmi Skywalker, Darth Vader’s final moments from Return of the Jedi, Greedo and all of the classic characters are all here. For fans 12 and up, Star Wars Dot-to-Dot is a fun, complex activity that will take them weeks to complete.

Star wars, star wars dot to dot, puzzle, dot to dot, dot-to-dot, star wars dot-to-dot


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