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Rare are the volunteering opportunities for children.  Having worked in the non-profit sector for a number of years I know that there are various reasons for this.  It is a special day when volunteer sessions; that are more than just busy work happen for families.  However, on October 25 there are three family volunteering opportunities around the city in Fulton and DeKalb County.


Here are 3 great ways for the family to really volunteer on October 25 in Atlatna


That book.  You know the expletive laced book that expresses the feelings when parents, at the end of their leash, internally scream, GO TO BED.   It’s something that all parents might experience at some point.  Some parents deal with children that won’t stay in bed on a nightly basis.  Some just need the occasional gentle push to their children.  The Elo Pillow is ready to be added to your arsenal in the #BedTimeBattle.  It’s a pillow that tells stories to children when their head’s are on the pillow.

Elo Pillow in use

The Elo Pillow reads books to your child…as long as their head is on the pillow.

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Cirque Du Soleil’s #Amaluna drops your jaw and flips the plot a little

October 20, 2014

The latest show from Cirque du Soleil is Amaluna. It’s amazing, yet different from other shows you’ve seen. Playing at Atlantic Station until 11/30.

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Little Humans is Humans of New York, but with children-review & giveaway

October 20, 2014

Humans of New York is the very popular blog that spawned the book which shares the same name.  They both feature photos of people in New York City doing various things and includes short descriptions of the people or fascinating conversations.  The blog is difficult to turn away from.  You could scroll down for ages […]

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Animal Tales by Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke-it’s all ages music you want to hear

October 19, 2014

What is equally as surprising was how professionally played and musically adept Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke are. Prior to this release I grouped children’s music in the same rough category as Christmas albums; just because, well it’s Christmas and even when the artists aren’t trendy Christmas will always happen. Someone will always listen to bad Christmas music and people will always listen to sub-par children’s music, because well, children.

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The StoryTeller Witches #2 by Archaia continue to impress

October 18, 2014

The art alone in The StoryTeller Witches #2 tells a story. There are lots of spaces between panels and the blank space between the art helps tell the story. This is as beautiful a comic book as I’ve seen in a long time. When I was checking out the guy behind the cash register said, “oh, The StoryTeller Witches, I’ve heard that the art in that is brilliant”.

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Buy Costumes is helping UNICEF and doing good locally #OrangeTuesdayTour #ad

October 17, 2014

Late October means the #OrangeTuesdayTour just came to Atlanta- headed to Philly and New York next! Here’s our recap of the Atlanta stop from Buy Costumes.

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Win a copy of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion #Giveaway

October 16, 2014

Win a copy of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion on DVD in this giveaway. The Force is strong with this series, all ages will enjoy it.

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