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Having a five-year old means negotiations and conflict resolution with small people who don’t have that strong of a command on logic or empathy.  Granted, in some business cases that’s exactly what you’re dealing with, albeit with a being who is adult sized and should have those qualities.  It’s because I spend most of my time with children that I wanted to read Changing the Conversation.  It is not a parenting book, per se, but when dealing with someone who is melting down you seek assistance from many different sources.

Changing the Conversation

Sometimes business relationships cross over into parenting advice. Changing the Conversation is one way to get the upper hand from your small people


In My Heart, A Book of Feelings has a very happy cover.  One could almost say that it draws you in.  Certainly part of that feeling, pardon the pun, are the heart shapes that get smaller as you look at them.  The hearts cut into the middle of each page is part of the charm of In My Heart, but the words and illustrations on the pages are what make this a book about feelings that any age can relate to.

In My Heart cover

In My Heart is a children’s book on emotions with heart and a neat visual device to pull you in


Apraxia is nonsense, or is it? Speech delay by any other name

January 23, 2015

Apraxia is what I thought of as speech delay. In reality I’ve learned that it’s a neurological condition that makes it difficult to do certain motor functions, like speech. As parents, we became somewhat alarmed when he turned two and a half and wasn’t saying too much. By then we had switched doctors, for a couple different reasons and had him evaluated by a couple specialists. But really, have you ever heard of Apraxia? If nothing else it sounds like a metal band from Europe, ironically that I would probably listen to on Spotify.

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The Sandbox is a must visit for families at Hilton Head Island

January 22, 2015

The Sandbox isn’t a ‘museum’ per se. Rather, it’s an activity house with some great rooms that have varied activities for children to do. We spent three hours there without looking at our watch. The only barometer that we used was our stomach started to rumble when it approached lunch. The Sandbox is located just off Pope Avenue in what looks like a single family home that is neatly packed away with hundreds of crafts, books and other activities to keep children 1-8 occupied for hours.

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The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines review

January 21, 2015

Chuck’s brother also appears in a couple episodes. He’s a dirt track racer and teaches the boys lessons about sharing, life and such. As a parent, this character is great for the kids because it’s peer to peer teaching, which is a quicker way of learning than parenting.

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Alilo is an interactive, story and music gadget for crawlers to toddlers

January 20, 2015

The Alilo is an interactive toy for kids 1-5. Our oldest likes listening to the music and stories while our youngest likes going between all of the functions and changing the colors of the ears. In a way this is a bridge between no tablet or computer skills and playing with them. It makes kids use their imagination while providing buttons to push on a gizmo that is cute, kawaii even.

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New all age comic books for Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 19, 2015

There are more than a couple that are of high interest, a couple that are really great for girls and more turtle titles than you can shake a shell at. Young girls might especially like Abigail And the Snowman #2, Bee and Puppycat #8, Lumberjanes #10, Penny Dora #3, Shinobi Ninja Princess #5 and Simpsons #217. We’re excited about seeing Groo: Friends and Foes #1, Simpsons and Beware the Batman.

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For storage or showing off, PrimeTime Lockers from GarageWorks has game #Ad

January 18, 2015

We could organize it and then mount the locker to the wall. It comes with all the wall anchors needed to securely strap it tight, just in case our neighbor tries to put any of their Georgia Tech stuff in there. Alternately, we could keep the boy’s sports stuff in there and they could even lock it up from prying eyes. *Note to kids: I always know the code or how to get in.

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