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Listen closely and you’ll hear the happy cries of kids going back to school and the parents who are taking them there. It’s win/win. You should also listen for fans of Regular Show because they’ve got issue #26 and a original graphic novel from them called Regular Show Noir Means Noir Buddy. The cover for that book alone brings a big smile to our face.

Peanuts is ramping up for the film by re-issuing the ultra early comic strips in book from again. These are some of the strips from the early to mid 50’s and have aged quite well.  The Mighty Skullboy Loony, Tunes, Bat-Mite and Bob’s Burgers are some of the new all age comics that hit this week.

Fraggle Rock Journey to the Everspring comes out on hardcover this week and is a fabulous series. The art and colors in this book remind you of what you loved about Fraggles or will introduce you to a whole new world.

The links at TFAW will save you at least 20% on your comics. If you want to find you local comic book store just dig into the locator and visit them today.

New All Age Comic Books for Wednesday August 5, 2015



A film series almost 20 years old shouldn’t be getting markedly better is the convention wisdom.  However, that is exactly what’s going on with Mission Impossible.  The first one was OK, the second one was lame, the third was good, the fourth one was great and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is a fabulous experience. It’s the best one in the series and is probably the most fun you’ll have at the movies this summer.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is perfect movie action fun #FandangoFamily

This is the PG-13 action film to beat this summer-here’s why and it may not be for the reasons that you think


The Magic School Bus Season Three: education via the looking glass

August 1, 2015

In season three of The Magic School Bus the gang encounters a beehive, river life, physiology, ecology and more. The Frizz always wears a dress that is themed to the lesson that they’re studying about is each episode. There are also dozens of quick puns and deep humor that adults will get in the episodes.
For a children’s show The Magic School Bus is very intelligent. The writing takes into account the adults watching with their kids, in addition to the kids that are learning things for the first time. Sometimes the kids get shrunk to learn about the human body while other times they travel to far away locations like the Arctic or time travelling to the 1800s.

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Unexpected, packed with indie cred, but is slow and formulaic

July 31, 2015

Even my wife, who was listening to the film from the other side of the room, asked what I was watching. “It’s slow”, she said. “It sounds boring”, she followed that up with. The target audience for Unexpected would seem to be soon to be unemployed teachers, pregnant teens or people that have an undying love for all things independent film, even the ones that are just above average.

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I Am Big Bird is a “must see” film on every level

July 30, 2015

It is Caroll Spinney who really makes the movie though. He is Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, but it’s his story that makes the movie so entertaining and emotional. His story about divorce, his abusive father and reconciliation, the time that NASA wanted to send him to space (and almost did) and of course the death of Jim Henson are masterfully woven in with first person interviews and homemade videos.
How did they film that is almost always followed up with “I’m glad they filmed that”. I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spivey Story is entertaining and still creates a complete story despite the fact that he’s still working as the character

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First Big Book of the Ocean is edu-reading at its best

July 29, 2015

The book is divided up into regional sections, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and a couple pages with basic ocean information, a glossary, map, credits and index. That’s important to point out because we vacation on the East Coast and will never see a California Sea Lion here. To the same extent, folks on the West Coast won’t see an Atlantic Horseshoe Crab on their beaches.
At a beach bar we saw a horseshoe crab shell. “Ooh, look a horseshoe crab shell, remember we read about them this morning, they have five pairs of legs, isn’t that cool?” I said. Personally I was impressed that I remembered that they had five pairs of legs, but our oldest was more interested in the virgin, strawberry frozen drink that we’d just gotten him.

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New all age comic books for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 28, 2015

Ghostbusters Get Real #2 comes out too and this series is nice. The creators of this series really have a love and appreciation for their audience and have crafted a great book with art and story to match. Donald Duck and Simpsons Illustrated also come out this week and these two are such a classic, safe bet for any age that it’s almost a default category for awesome.
Star Wars gets the Golden Book treatment and before you old timers roll your eyes consider this. Our 3 year old knows some of the characters in Star Wars, but can’t watch the movies yet and doesn’t have the patience for comic books. Enter the Golden Books, they’re great for really young readers and can get your toddler pumped about Star Wars, just in time for costume shopping for Halloween. I see an Ewok, Jedi or Darth in your future, we will however, judge you harshly if they dress up like Jar-Jar.

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The power of vacations and imperfect children #UniteMonday #ad

July 27, 2015

My wife and I had a similar conversation when we took our children out to eat. They behave like animals. They are the worst behaved children in the restaurant. These kids are embarrassing us and attract unwanted attention.

Our children aren’t evil when they go out to eat, they’re just being kids. Kids at the end of the day where they could be tired, irritable, can’t express themselves fully or simply aren’t hungry. People are looking at you. It’s the same thing when you’re on the airplane and your child makes the slightest noise. They’re judging me and looking our direction.

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