This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Sears. I have received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own. To be clear, the last woman that I’ll ever pick up was done about 15 years ago. She was wearing a Santa hat and we were at a fundraiser that some friends and I organized to raise money for animal shelters. Over time something’s have changed in our relationship, but one constant is that I do not like shopping. To that end Sears has launched a new service that allows you to shop on your smart phone, arrange for local pickup and then have the item delivered to your car as you wait outside. Sure this weekend is Mother’s Day; but the real gift for me is not having to go into the mall with the kids.

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Shopping from the smartphone and not leaving the car could only be improved with a bacon cheeseburger and a side order of onion rings


All age comic books for May 4, 2016

by Daddy Mojo on May 3, 2016

It’s the week of Free Comic Book Day and there are still tons of new all age comic books coming to stores with lots of things to love for young readers. If you like Adventure Time you’re in luck because there are three new graphic novels. In other humor releases you can dig into Regular Show #35, Popeye Classics #46, Uncle Scrooge #14, MLP and many others. For the record, there is absolutely no shame in referencing My Little Pony at MLP, it’s the same as TMNT, except with more ponies and fewer turtles.

Superheroes have a couple new Little Golden Books that are timed to compliment the release of Avengers: Civil War that comes out this week. There is also the all age comic trade paperback that collects Supergirl, Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, issues 1-6, Scooby-Doo Team Up #16 and Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Civil War #3.

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This week in science fiction and action young readers can jump into I Mage #3, this is the finale to a storyline and will start a new arc with the next issue. It’s a great comic if they like fantasy, action, dwarves fighting and teens saving the day, good for readers 9 and up. Do you have a TMNT fan that needs a refresher? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Allies & Enemies trade paperback has a rogue’s gallery of the evils and friends that support them in the sewers. This has more realistic art and is great for readers 9 and up.

Marvel Comics has something cool this week in that they’re rolling out several Star Wars titles in their True Believers line. These are $1 priced comics; that are either reprints of old stories or several stories collected to introduce them to new fans. There are nine Star Wars books coming out this week like that, including a reprint of the first one back in 1977. Most of these are all age comic books, but some might be for readers 9 and up.

The links will take you to TFAW where you’ll save up to 20% on your comics. Where is my closest comic book store? How can I listen to the fabulous podcast for this? Why is bacon so tasty?



Science fiction/Action


Celebrating #StarWarsDay year round, tips and toys

May 2, 2016

Everybody loved the Kylo Ren Light Saber. It complimented the Darth Vader Light Saber that we purchased for Halloween. The kids grabbed those two and had battles in the backyard that got a bit too real at times. I had to pop out and remind them to play nicely with the small kids, lest his 4 year old brother get a taste of the dark side.
When I was a kid our Star Wars Game consisted of a friend and me trying to get the Frisbee into the goal behind us. If it was my turn to throw then they had to hit it with the stick. They could not catch it or have it hit them. We got two turns to throw it, think a shortened Frisbee golf course with a larger goal and a 9 year old trying to pound the disc into the ground if it passes them. That game was our jam back in the late 70’s and resulted in numerous broken Frisbees.

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Free Comic Book Day is May 7-here are the ones for all ages #FCBD

May 2, 2016

Science Comics is from :01 First Second books and is a great example of why they produce some fabulous graphic novels. In this case, are they comics that educate readers or a plot from teachers to get their students to read comics? Either way, this comic succeeds and will motivate you to check out the entire release. Holy Billy Zane! The Phantom is soon to be back in a monthly series. Dream Jumper, Camp Midnight, Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises, The Pink Panther, Mooncop and Awake are also some of the ones that you want to look at.

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Ratchet & Clank is a serviceable, average animated film

April 29, 2016

Our 6 year old was mildly amused at the film. He was not familiar with the characters except for the fact that I told him that it had a cat-like creature and a robot in it. During the film he earnestly laughed at a couple of parts and was only scared during one part of the film. That was when one of the characters was turned into a sheep. He then thought that all of the characters were going to be turned into sheep. He said he liked it, but the film was forgettable for him a day after he saw it.

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The Okee Dokee Brothers, Saddle Up, rides strong for all

April 28, 2016

It’s impossible to ignore the shades of John Denver that resonate in some of the songs too. They have more of a groove in The Okee Dokee Brothers, but the spirit is certainly there. Proof of that can be heard in the Native American tinged Sister Moon and Brother Sun. It starts off with Navajo style singing and goes into an allegory about how the Earth was created. If the opening annoys you, just stick with it and about one minute into the song you’re all but hearing a more poetic nod to Rocky Mountain High.
Kindie is a funny thing. When you don’t have children you’re not too aware of its presence. Once you have kids you hear it everywhere, kind of like learning a couple of words in a foreign language. With that in mind and our fondness for Saddle Up, we listened to the 2012 release from The Okee Dokee Brothers, Can you Canoe?. Saddle Up is leagues better than their 2012 release-and that one was very good, good enough to win the Grammy that year. One Horsepower, the upbeat song about riding a horse is what hooked our children. We grinned and enjoyed the ride. After that the rest of the songs hook you like a chocolate covered earworm to a music hungry cranium.

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Dig these classic moms on Netflix #StreamTeam

April 27, 2016

Who is the worst mom on Arrested Development? Is it Lindsay Bluth Funke played by Portia de Rossi with her deadpan look, flippant one liners or aloof attitude? Could it be Lucille Bluth played by Jessica Walter whose quick dialogue and perfect timing sometimes stole the show? Arrested Development is one of the funnies shows you’ll see on Netflix. Bob Loblaw and his law blog, jumping the shark and the banana stand, each episode has something to love.

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All age comics for April 27, 2016

April 26, 2016

For superhero all age comic we’ve got four titles that are all from the same publisher, Marvel Comics. They do not have a corner on the all age superhero market, but there are some rare weeks where they are the only game in town, in regards to super powers and young readers. Spidey #5, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7, Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Contest Champions #2 and another Spidey graphic novel all hit this week.
Spidey and Squirrel Girl technically have Teen ratings by Marvel. The content in those comics are OK with any age reader, but the vocabulary might be too advanced for some younger readers. Squirrel Girl also has a little bit of sass and sarcasm, just in case parents are trying to avoid those traits.

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