New all age comic books for July 19, 2017

by Daddy Mojo on July 22, 2017

It’s the weekend, let’s head out to the local comic book store and dig into the new all age comic books. Where is your closest comic book store? Just type in your zip code and you’ll be directed to one that is most likely within 10 miles of your home. This week has some jamming new all age comic books from the finicky art kid, tween movie adaptation purist, Whovians to superhero in tights folks and more. Here are 5 cool all age comic books that are good for ages 5 and up.

Simspsons Comics

Simpsons Comics is so consistently great that it might fly under your radar. Some of the humor might not resonate with kids younger than 9 on all of the stories, but they’ll love the colors, as well as the pacing of the comic book. Each issue usually comes with two to three stories that are silly and laugh out loud funny. In Simpsons Comics #240 Homer falls head first into the adult coloring book fad. It’s a touch Alice in Woderland and very, very funny for ages 10 and up.

Pink Panther Pink Anniversary

Pink Panther Pink Anniversary is one for the fans, but those fans-for the television show and comic book are 5 and up. This is one for the fans as it celebrates Pink through since his premier in 1971. If this issue is like the other then it will feature new stories, mixed in with classic ones. While the art difference might disappoint some parents kids will laugh as you read it to them or let them have some read alone time.

Batman/TMNT Adventures

If you didn’t pick up one of the best new all age comic books when it came out in individual issues this is your chance. Batman/TMNT Adventures collects all five issues from this fabulous mini-series that has Bats teaming up with some heroes in a half shell. What this mini-series does so well it that it pairs action and plot-in an all age comic book friendly format that neither young readers nor established comic book fans will pay any mind to it. This is fabulous story telling with action and more that ages 5 and up will love.

War For The Planet of the Apes novel

So, your tween wants to see War For The Planet of the Apes? It’s rated PG-13 and it’s on the harder edge of that rating, use your own judgment parents. When I was a tween and low teen kid my parents wouldn’t let me see R rated films, so I read the books. Name a book and they’ve got a movie novelization available. Name a bad movie from the early 80’s that kids wanted to see that was rated R and I read the book. Odds are, in those cases the books were better.  This week has the movie novelization for War For The Planet of the Apes out. It’s got all of the end of the world mechanics in place, minus the state of the art motion capture work.


Ducktales is coming to Disney XD! Ducktales-don’t you miss that theme song? Disney Ducktales is being brought back to comic books by IDW and this week has the series starting with #0. This is an all new story that is easier to read and has more punch than the existing IDW Disney duck series. Get your Ducktales on, the water is fine and hum along to the song in your mind.

The music in the podcast is from Parvus Decree.

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The Scholastic Summer Reading Road Trip RV is ending its nationwide trip in Atlanta on July 21. The summer slide is real and all summer long the Scholastic Reading Road Trip RV has been cruising across the USA helping kids, parents and communities keep kids reading during those school-free months. An RV full of free reading activities, authors signing books and giveaways is just the sort of thing to help out parents and energize young readers.

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Books! Stop the summer slide! Atlanta parents-get out of the house for free Scholastic activities on July 21!


Bobs and Tweets #2 Perfecto Pet Show, early elementary a go-go

July 17, 2017

Bobs and Tweets Pefecto Pet Show is one that first grader readers will immediately love. Between the colored images and rhyming story they’ll be able to read most of the book without any assistance. Second graders will be able to read it with almost perfect fluency, except for a couple bigger words that they’ll need help with the definition.
Pre-K and K students will get lots from the book too. Due to its rhyming format they’ll see this as a bridge to a ‘big kid’ book because it is a chapter book, but it’s a very simply chapter book. Each chapter is about five pages long. First graders will get the most out of this book as they read to themselves or have quiet time, while those younger kids will like the fact that it has chapters.

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New all age comic books for July 12, 2017

July 15, 2017

Back in the late 70’s Marvel Comics was the only source for Star Wars in comic books. Star Wars went back to Marvel in 2014 and they’re re-printing some of the original comics. Star Wars Legends The Original Marvel Years Vol 2 has Star Wars 24-38, Annual #1, Star Wars Weekly (from the U.K.) 94-99 and 104-115. This retails for just under $40, but classic Star Wars fans will love going back in time to look at these issues.

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Catch the Summer of Mars with NASA through September 4

July 14, 2017

It’s important to point out that the Mars Rover Concept Vehicle is a concept. This is not the actually vehicle that’ll be rolling on big red looking for Marvin or manhunters. However, the vehicle is the real deal in that it’s big, life size and has some of the working conditions that astronauts will encounter up there. It also looks a lot like the Batmobile and somewhere Christopher Nolan’s Mars parents are smiling at their most famous progeny.
It’s also beautiful. The tires look like something a child would play with. They’re airless, metal creations that can fold inward, but are also strong enough to climb over rocks with enough traction to power through Mars sand fields.

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Hey Boy is a kidlit, children’s book for the pet lover’s soul

July 12, 2017

It’s not that the events in Hey Boy are impossible; it’s just that they’re highly unlikely and would require impeccable timing, relative to the grand scheme of life. But that is the adult in me talking. The 8 year old kid in me wants to read Hey Boy over and over again until it comes true for every ‘boy’ out there.
Hey Boy is the story of a dog and a boy who meet, but rarely spend time together. The boy is too young or irresponsible for a dog and the dog has to go to the animal shelter.
Stop, just stop. Do not use adult logic when reading Hey Boy. Simply read it to your 3-8 year old child and let them enjoy the book. And they will enjoy it. The scattered text, combined with the restrained illustrations allow the book a chance to breathe on its own and let young readers get lost in the adventures of the dog and the boy.

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Fruits In Suits, a worthy sequel to one of our favorite children’s books

July 9, 2017

We then explained to him what ‘birthday suit’ meant and why we all had one and he laughed even more. Fruits in Suits is silly, good book fun that ages 5 and younger will immediately laugh at.

If you have a 3 year old they’ll pivot back and forth with laughter as you read this to them. Jared Chapman and his illustrations have a way of speaking directly to that age group to make them laugh or learn something. His earlier book, Vegetables in Underwear can be used as a teaching tool for that age to make them realize that they don’t need to wear diapers.

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Cinderella Della Circus adds quirky twists and puppets to shake up story

July 8, 2017

Cinderella is still Cinderella, except in this version she’s part of a circus. Unfortunately for her, the kind manager of the circus travels to the moon with Jules Verne and assorted other characters. Now Madame Bullie is in charge and three daughters have assigned Cinderella to clean. Cinderella also has really, really large feet.
While all of this does sound familiar, it’s just the outline that audiences will recognize. The Prince actually has a relative, who is a mime and just as seemingly left of center as Cinderella. There’s a moon monster, elephant and a Stretcho. For our 7 year old-and most of the crowd Stretcho brought the majority of the laughs. He’s a strange creature that can stretch his neck, arms or legs and is accompanied with his own theme song.

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