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The Incredible Three and a Half Superheroes, should in theory be a middle school book that I would love and highly recommend. It’s about superheroes, has loose happy drawings sprinkled throughout the book and has a playful vibe about it. And for a while it was all of those things, but then the book hit a couple four letter speed bumps and knocked the entire thing off course for us.

The Incredible Three and a Half Superheroes, not super or OK for young kids

If a book bills itself as a children’s book, but has elements that are out of place who is the intended audience?


Win a $100 gift card to HH Gregg

by Daddy Mojo on June 26, 2015

Recently I went to HH Gregg to participate in a Father’s Day promotion they had. The store had buckets of specials and dads were all but walking around the store with handfuls of bacon in celebration. We can now giveaway a $100 gift card to HH Gregg. And the good news is that they’ve still got oodles of specials, regardless of what you’re looking for need or simply want.

Win a $100 gift card to HH Gregg

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Win a new pair of Rockport Sandals, for the ladies

June 25, 2015

I asked my wife and she said, “The heels allow for my feet to sink into them and the feeling is very relaxing. Also the leather straps don’t rub my feet, which is great because that could either produce a blister or be annoying. They’re also flexible in the sense that I can dress them up or down. If I put a skirt on I’m OK to wear them to work, put on a nice pair of shorts and they’re great for date night on the town”.
Recap: we both said essentially the same thing except she had the first person narrative and has actually worn them.

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Win a $100 gift card from Fandango #FandangoFamily

June 25, 2015

Inside Out is the family film that you have been waiting all year for. Minions, Jurassic, Max (not Mad, this is dog movie whose trailer made me cry and think of those quality coming-of-age films) , Rogue Nation and more.
It doesn’t have to be a family film with $100 from Fandango. You can take the family to a film, go see one that you’ve been itching to see, do a date night or take a group out for fun. The world is your oyster and this $100 gift card from Fandango will entertain you while you’re out enjoying it.

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The Skunk smells wonderful and entertains all ages effortlessly

June 24, 2015

The plot in The Skunk is simple. A man looks out of his house and sees a skunk. When he has to leave the skunk starts to follow him. He goes to a restaurant, to the opera, the city, a ferris wheel, a dark alley and even the sewer; but the skunk still follows him. Finally he moves to a new apartment and the skunk stops following him!
But then the man starts missing the skunk, so he follows the skunk just to make certain that he doesn’t follow him again. The plot by itself makes you smile. Now put that plot against the distinctive artwork or Patrick McDonnell and the words of Mac Barnett and you’ve got a book that will be in your child’s library until they have children.

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New All Age Comic Books for Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 23, 2015

Futurama Comics #75 is always dependable, the new Mickey Mouse #1 comic comes out this week, a new story arc on Adventure Time starts this month, Skylanders, Donald Duck #2, Batman ’66 #24, Adventure Time #41 and others.
Fantagraphics has a couple hard cover books with old school Peanuts and Uncle Scrooge comics. Kids will also be interested in Dragons: Riders of Berk graphic novel. Netflix has a new original series Dragons: Race to the Edge that is supposedly very good and could spike interest in written content, so keep the aforementioned graphic novel on your radar.

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Steve McQueen, a Mustang, Charger and our #FirstCarMoment #ad

June 22, 2015

What better car for a teen driver who just totaled a car than….an even stronger, faster car, the 1974 Dodge Charger. Gone were the cute accoutrements of the Mustang, in its place was a longer front end, more space and, finally a cassette deck. I remember that Charger being able to catch a wheel in second gear. Note to parents, this is not a memory that you want your teen son to have almost 30+ years after their teen driving years.

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Is this really what #ImBornToDo this Father’s Day? #spon

June 21, 2015

So, am I doing what I was born to do? In the photo I was a mop headed 14 year old who simply didn’t want to try on clothes. I had no idea what I was born to do, but I had a good idea on which direction it was and it turned out I was correct. I’ve got friends who dropped out of medicine to become comedians, do traffic on the radio, sell products, work retail, write for a living and more jobs.
It’s easy to lump #Imborntodo in the same field as ‘is that all there is’, but I see it as something much deeper. Life is never the same; in that sense it’s like a river. Sure you see the river with the water going down it, but that river, and your life will never be the same as it is right now.

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