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Naptime DIY: How to clean an old paint brush

by Daddy Mojo on September 29, 2014

We’ve painted dozens of rooms and at least 2 complete houses, multiple times over the years.  During that time we’ve cleaned some of them not as thoroughly as we should have. That produced paint brushes that can double as a hammer, but cease being able to be used for the purpose that they were purchased. How do you clean an old paint brush that has dried paint on it?

How do you clean an old paint brush that is stiff with dried paint


Old paint brushes can be salvaged-this is one way to do that


We received the shoes for review.  All thoughts are our own and sometimes I do things just to annoy or get a rise out of my wife.  When we were offered the chance to take part in the #RockportChallenge (more on that in a moment), I looked over the shoes and my initial thought was “what is the most unlike me”?  I then showed my choice to my better half, she said oh no, blah, blah something, but then my mind was made up that these were my next new shoes.

Rockport shoes, #RockportChallenge

Giving away a pair of Rockport shoes worth $170, escape the man cave, it’s OK


The Storyteller Witches #1, dreamy all ages art makes Jim Henson proud

September 26, 2014

Comic is almost a misnomer for The Storyteller Witches. It costs $3.99, so it’s the same price as a comic, but the majority of the pages consist of one shot of art with no panels. The words do not follow the flow of a traditional comic. They twist, are in different fonts and bend all over in different font all over the page.
The Storyteller Witches #1 is more art than comic book, but that makes it no less awesome. It’s the story about a king, queen, princes, the Lord of the Forrest, a river of milk and a giant witch who can turn into a swan.

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Counting on Lemonade: sharp animation and varied educational methods from LeapFrog

September 23, 2014

The biggest improvement is that the DVD now includes a free ultraviolet download code to where you watch the video anywhere. I hope that eventually all videos (and comic books) go this direction. Right now, there are times that the physical DVD is important. In a couple years when consumers fully go mobile the physical DVD won’t be that big of a selling point.

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Toy animals, pink stuff and a child’s desire to help dad before going to the Oncologist

September 22, 2014

“What if I pretended to be your doctor?”
Sensing 5 year old cuteness I agreed and asked our budding Trapper John where his office was. Without missing a beat he led me up the stairs and said, “follow me”.
We went up to his room where he ran around getting everything into place. He gathered up his box of animals and told me that I could play with them while I waited. Considering how protective and rarely he openly shares his animals I knew that he was quite serious about this.
He nervously ran in circles like one of the 3 Stooges who had an ear infection. At which point I suggested that he ask me where it hurt. I told him that my skin was sensitive and had to have some things removed from it.
“Oh, let me get some pink stuff” he said running into his bathroom. Pink stuff is the Rosetta Stone to his medicine world.

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Our Halloween costume and party trends for 2014 from Buy Costumes #ad

September 17, 2014

To that end I’ll point the ladies to Flower Child Hippie or Discolicious from the Top 10 Decades. From the Historical Costumes check out Cleopatra, Medusa or if you want to be sexy, without being trampy, try the Roman Empress. Most of the Superhero costumes for ladies are awesome, but have the same short comings that the comics have by making them too sexy. Having said that, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Black Widow are great, if you’re going to an adult party where attracting guys is the name of the game.

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Win tickets to Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion-in theaters for only 1 showing

September 16, 2014

Atlanta dads, this movie is for you, but we only have 20 seats. To claim one of these seats at this one-time only showing of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion just go to the Atlanta Dads Group on MeetUp. Join the MeetUp, claim the tickets and the force is strong with you.
Kids can come in costume, but just don’t wear any masks. It all kicks off at 9:45 with costumes, games and giveaways. The movie starts at 10:45 and will last one hour.

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Get cooking with #ShroomTember, #Blendability, less fat & more flavor

September 15, 2014

In #ShroomTember you have the chance to win a $500 prize just by creating your own mushroom recipe. The categories are 1. Simple dinner: with mushrooms and created in under 30 minutes. 2. Blendability: take out some meat/add some mushrooms, much like we did and 3. Mushroom burger recipe. You don’t have to be a fun guy to celebrate. $500 would go a long way towards rewarding someone, getting rid of debt or simply capping off a great day.

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