Super Sons #10 review, Muppet Babies no more

by Daddy Mojo on November 19, 2017

Super Sons is the story of Jon, the son of Superman and Damian, who is the son of Batman. When the series was first announced and I took a look at the comic book I decried it as Muppet Babies. In hindsight, that was the adult comic book purist in me. I didn’t give the comic a chance and here we are, almost a year late it’s one of our son’s favorite comics. Super Sons #10 is a great jumping on point for new readers because it’s a stand-alone story that has our two young heroes being presented with their own superhero hideout.

art from Super Sons #10 by DC Comics I’ve come around to Super Sons. More precisely, our 8 year-old like it, so we’re buying now too.


Discovering new ‘smart’ games with Gigamic

by Daddy Mojo on November 18, 2017

This is a sponsored post-all thoughts and opinions are our own.  We went to The Atlanta Women’s Expo, not to get in touch with our inner-mom, but to dig into some toys. That’s the thing about expos, the headliner might not exactly be up in your wheelhouse, but some of the folks with booths cast wide nets. That was the case with Gigamic. They’re a game company who has been producing strategy games since 1991, many of which are family and right up our alley.

Gigamic, gigamic games, katamino, It’s fun to discover smart, fun games that you want your kids to play. We found these ‘smart’ games that kids will actually want to play, Gigamic


Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter, a seasonal great good-night book

November 16, 2017

If you’re new to great good-night books this is a great place to jump in and explore. A great good-night book is one that you can read to children who are seven or younger when you tuck them into bed. It’s a book that short enough to re-read more than once, has immersive, detailed pictures that allow you to teach vocabulary and probably has a couple simple sight words.
Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter works due to its art and the simplicity of its vocabulary. The illustrations are beautiful and diverse, with the two youths spending time in the country, wood, city and suburban locations. They also experience nature at a variety of times in the day and weather conditions. It makes used of lots of soft, muted colors, bright orange tones for some leaves, hazy yellow blobs for the Ginko Trees and lots of big gorgeous white dots for the snowy scenes.

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Grand Canyon by Jason Chin, a book as great and big as its topic

November 15, 2017

Don’t worry if you get lost or question your own knowledge during parts of the book. At every turn there are diagrams, pictures and examples of things that show what they’re talking about in the text. It’s almost impossible not to read a page and find two ways in which author Jason Chin is trying to teach the readers something.
As the two climb higher the text talks about how younger rocks layers are stacked on top of older layers. We see it in the text; there are a couple diagrams on the bottom of the pages illustrating sediment layers and a cut through hole on the right hand page.

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Win a classic DVD pack to celebrate The Man Who Invented Christmas

November 14, 2017

The premise alone has us intrigued, but when you toss in Dan Stevens and Christopher Plummer we’re hooked. I’m guessing after this film Stevens will be able to shake the “guy whose character died in the car accident in season 1 of Downton Abbey” label. The Man Who Invented Christmas is in movie theaters on November 22 and is rated PG.
The giveaway for these three classic films, A Christmas Carol, The Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast will end on December 1, so you’ll have them in time for the holiday season.

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Beasts  From Bricks is mid to upper-level LEGO animal magnetism

November 14, 2017

The animals in Beasts From Bricks are arranged according to continent and they’re all represented. Europe checks in with the Suffolk Sheep and European Bison. Every creation has a parts list and illustration of the LEGO brick that’s required to build each beast. Again, it’s quite probable that the majority of casual LEGO builders have the pieces, but they’d need to break down all of their Land Speeders, Bat-Planes and any specialty sets to make these. The larger assorted sets will also have all of the pieces, but won’t have them in the monochromatic color scheme as you’ll see in the book.

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All ages comics for November 15

November 13, 2017

Riverdale is everywhere, but it all started with some all ages comics and the characters that live there. Your Pal Archie is a new series from Archie Comics that is drawn in the classic Archie style. Whereas Archie is geared to tween audiences and has situations that are older, Your Pal Archie is old school Archie. This is wacky hijinks, physical gags and Archie being banned from Mr. Lodge’s house, but then ends up driving his limousine. This is the Archie to reach for if you want new stories from Riverdale that are appropriate for ages 6 and up.

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The Whiskers Sisters: May’s Wild Walk, picture perfect for grades 2-3

November 12, 2017

The Whisker Sisters: May’s Wild Walk was a sweet surprise for us. Its simple story is serviceable, but it’s the art that makes this graphic novel jump out and become truly entertaining for kids in kindergarten through fourth grade. Mia is the more enthusiastic sister who likes to entertain others. Maya is the typical older child, more reserved, but still willing to go along with fun in moderation.
The forest animals are also a force in May’s Wild Walk. They’re sharply drawn with great detail and a classic, cartoon approach. This is countered by the big round eyes and more manga appearance of the Whisker Sisters.

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