June is National Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month. At our heart we’re a cat guy. If the internet had a sense of smell its number one use would be bacon, however, because it doesn’t its go-to calling is cat videos.  Before being a dad I did PR for an animal shelter. During that time I learned lots about human behavior, various social media strategies as it relates to animals, animal control vs. a humane society and lots of other things. As part of Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month we’re giving away a Vera Bradley Camocat Tote courtesy of Oil-Dri Corporation of America.

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Lightweight cat litter with a 10 day odor block from Cat’s Pride and a giveaway for a Vera Bradley Camocat Tote-Win/Win


We’re part of the #StreamTeam and were compensated for this post. All thoughts are our own. Much in the same way that Trollhunter is distinctly Norwegian, Amelie is French and IP Man is Chinese there are countless movies on Netflix that are utterly American. This is a list of movies or shows that are pure Americana. They might not be classic, but they’ve got a style, star or personality that, for better or worse, could only be from the U.S.A.  Enjoy the 4th of July and revel in this list of Americana entertainment. Did we miss anything? Is your favorite here?

Bob Ross, Talladega Nights, Kingpin, Americana, Streamteam, Wet hot American summer, Days of thunder, The west wing, the warriors, Armageddon, Netflix 4th of July in the United States means fireworks and fun programming on Netflix. Dig our short list of all things Americana that are streaming now.


Independence Day: Resurgence review

June 24, 2016

20 years between sequels is a curse or a blessing. It happens because there wasn’t enough interest for a sequel or it’s happening just for nostalgia.  Independence Day:   Resurgence is a happy mix between the two and then some. It’s a worthy successor to what kicked off the expectations of a summer movie blockbuster in […]

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Amazing Water, fun, palatable intro to classical music for all ages

June 23, 2016

The book is much thicker than you expect, features an overview, detailed explanation of each piece, its title or background on the composer. Each of those overviews comes with some nice artwork that would also be at home in a children’s book. Keep reading and you’ll find the listening guide next that tells background information on each piece. It roughly tells you what types of instruments you hear, what makes it unique and uses advanced musical terminology so that any age can legitimately learn things.

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New all age comic books for June 22, 2016

June 22, 2016

Bruce Lee is our favorite new comic book this year. It’s much better than you think it is. I state that because anytime you create a new story around a real person, especially one so storied and awesome as Bruce Lee your expectations are high. Rest easy, this all age comic book has action, humor, heart and lessons that anyone can learn from.
Famous Monsters is not for the all age audience. However, parents might remember this from when they were kids. I would buy this several times a year to get a sneak preview of the new sci-fi or monster movies. It’s a magazine, so the reading is aimed at adults, but the language is clean. Some of the monster images might be too much for younger readers, but older ones will get a kick out of the behind the scene photos.

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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs! is silly children’s music for the under 6 set

June 21, 2016

I thought that our 6 year old would be too old for this, but he really seems to like it. He’ll ask for certain songs by number and then request the book so that he can read along to the lyrics. This was surprising because I thought our 4 year old would be more attracted to the music. He likes some of the songs, but tires of the younger skewing one and screams forth his request from the back seat. The parent in me thinks that the older one only ‘likes’ it because the younger one doesn’t though.

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Plants Vs. Zombies #12, the fun fungi clean up Zomboss and crew

June 20, 2016

The panels are standard size, but are jammed with so much vivid detail that it really propels the story forward. I also enjoyed the droll, sarcastic wit that’s written into some of the dialogue.
At the end of the day Plants Vs. Zombies is an all age comic book. However, it’s so entertaining that it can easily be enjoyed by almost any age. For example, our 6 year old likes the comic and can read most of the words, but can’t grasp some of the humor. Our 4 year old thinks that the drawing of Zomboss are funny, but he’s too young to sit through us reading the comic book to him.

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Let’s play with the toys from Miles From Tomorrowland, season 2

June 19, 2016

Gadfly’s Scourge is a smaller ship that fits the personality of its pilot. It’s small, arrow shaped with two torpedoes and a grabber that comes out from the underside of the nose. Both of the new vehicles have three wheels on the bottom that allow for land play. Our kids used this feature to simulate rolling take offs and crash landings. Crash landings, when dealing with children’s toys there are always crash landings.
We played with the Tomy line from Miles From Tomorrowland when they first came out last year and they have very little wear and tear. None of the toys are broken and are all holding up very nicely as they get played with at least once a week.

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