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Documentaries are something that I’m not usually a big fan of. Best case they’re engaging, worst case they’re pompous, too artsy and boring. However, I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story, while it is a documentary film, is so much more than what the genre implies. Take away the allure of Sesame Street, the puppet fascination behind Oscar the Grouch and the feel goods that you receive from Big Bird. Even if you know nothing about Sesame Street or for some reason, have ill feelings towards them this documentary will melt your heart.

I Am Big Bird is a “must see” film on every level

The story of Caroll Spinney, how he came to be iconic characters and the world behind the curtain is alluring, well done


We’re a National Geographic Kids Insider. All thoughts are our own and product was provided for review.  Our five-year old loves animals. He started out with farm animals when he was two and now he’s moved on to anything that walks, slithers, walked at one point, flies or swims. Our recent trip to the beach provided a nice opportunity for him to dig into First Big Book of the Ocean by Catherine D. Hughes. It’s published by National Geographic and has big enough words to be a challenge to middle schoolers while having great pictures and simple enough vocabulary for elementary assisted reading.

First Big Book of the Ocean is edu-reading at its best 3

Fabulous pictures, text that is appropriate for multiple ages and a National Geographic Kids book that’ll make children want to learn more about the ocean


New all age comic books for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 28, 2015

Ghostbusters Get Real #2 comes out too and this series is nice. The creators of this series really have a love and appreciation for their audience and have crafted a great book with art and story to match. Donald Duck and Simpsons Illustrated also come out this week and these two are such a classic, safe bet for any age that it’s almost a default category for awesome.
Star Wars gets the Golden Book treatment and before you old timers roll your eyes consider this. Our 3 year old knows some of the characters in Star Wars, but can’t watch the movies yet and doesn’t have the patience for comic books. Enter the Golden Books, they’re great for really young readers and can get your toddler pumped about Star Wars, just in time for costume shopping for Halloween. I see an Ewok, Jedi or Darth in your future, we will however, judge you harshly if they dress up like Jar-Jar.

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The power of vacations and imperfect children #UniteMonday #ad

July 27, 2015

My wife and I had a similar conversation when we took our children out to eat. They behave like animals. They are the worst behaved children in the restaurant. These kids are embarrassing us and attract unwanted attention.

Our children aren’t evil when they go out to eat, they’re just being kids. Kids at the end of the day where they could be tired, irritable, can’t express themselves fully or simply aren’t hungry. People are looking at you. It’s the same thing when you’re on the airplane and your child makes the slightest noise. They’re judging me and looking our direction.

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Weird & Wild Animal Facts combines great images and short information

July 25, 2015

Our oldest is almost six and loves it when we read this book to him. He can read some of the words by himself and likes to look at the pictures too. He was out one day with his grandmother and they quickly saw a toy model of an ugly animal with a snout. “Oh, look, a boar”, she said. “No, that’s not a boar, it’s a warthog”, he said. She checked the tag on the toy and sure enough, it was a warthog. When she asked how he knew what that animal looked like he said that it was in a book that he had read. Excuse me while I start researching veterinary or zoology schools for the class of 2018.

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Six Flags Over Georgia Hiring Hundreds of undead entertainers

July 24, 2015

There are also five haunted mazes and four live shows. Fright Fest runs on selected nights starting September 26 at 6PM and goes through November 1. Also on the first night there is the second annual Spooky Walk-n-Wag Dog Halloween Costume Walks. Families can dig into tamer Halloween thrills during the day with a corn maze, pumpkin painting, trick-or-treating and family-friendly costume parties.

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New All Age Comic Books for Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 21, 2015

In addition to the comics the new calendar for Darth Vader and Friends comes out. It’s the 2016 calendar, sure the year you could get this for 50% off in February 2016, if there are any left. Another option is to buy it now, save it for the new year and celebrate accordingly. Bart Simpson, Uncle Scrooge, Transformers, My Little Pony, Batman and more. Plus, school starts in a couple weeks and it’s a great time to get the kids reading (again) and get that imagination working full time.

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Naptime DIY: killing weeds with the BernzOmatic Lawn and Garden Torch

July 18, 2015

We used the torch on a series of weeds around the house and did not feel unsafe at any time. Granted, we were also very careful and paid close attention to keeping the open flame down and over the weeds at all times. We also made sure to turn the propane off in order to stop the flame when we were done. Oh-the tip to the device, where the flame shoots out will also be very HOT after you use the tool. I feel silly having to drive these things home-they’re common sense, aren’t they?
The BernzOmatic Lawn and Garden Torch did a very fast number on the weeds. These are the weeds that vinegar/salt/soap weren’t able to kill and this burned them to a crisp in seconds.

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