A book that gently explores bullying from the observer’s point of view didn’t initially sound like it would be of interest to young readers. Adults know that bullies act that way because they’re insecure or are also being bullied. It’s a harder concept to convey that to children. We’ve talked to our seven year old about bullies and people who incessantly pick on others but are met with the same disdainful look every time. Super Manny Stands Up! by Kelly DiPucchio with illustrations by Stephanie Graegin manages to parlay this tricky relationship in a way that children will understand.

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A delicate challenge is a book that is about bullying, but more about being nice, with makes people NOT want to be a bully-or at least stand up to them. Super Manny Stands Up! is that book, it’s optimistic, not preachy and great to read over and over as a good-night book.


Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017

by Daddy Mojo on August 15, 2017

Happy New Comic Book Day! Every Wednesday lots of new books make your way to local stores and we’re taking a look at the best all ages comics for the week. Specifically, these five are great titles that you can jump into without knowing what happened in previous issues. It’s not as if you’re starting out with issue #1, in most cases, but readers as young as five can jump into some of these all ages comics. The music in the podcast is from Forget The Whale, over at Free Music Archive.

Jumpa: The Origin of Wonder Woman’s Kanga

What? Wonder Woman has a pet kangaroo? Apparently she’s had one for a long time and this book is geared to really young readers five and up, with a story by Steve Korte and art by Art Baltazar. There’s also a Super Pets book out featuring Streaky, Supergirl’s cat, Ace, Batman’s dog and Krypto who is Superman’s dog.

Uncle Scrooge

Our five year old loves all things Disney. Whatever they put in that magical elixir he certainly got his fair share. Uncle Scrooge #29 is out this week and is indeed one of the great all ages comics, but it’ll be best enjoyed by kids who are seven and up. That is entirely due to the vocabulary and that ages younger than that might not be able to read it on their own. These Walt Disney titles from IDW are printed in English for the first time and usually translated from Italian, French or Spanish.

Future Quest Presents

Future Quest, the DC Comics series that reintroduced the classic Hanna-Barbara characters to comic books ended its mini-series run. In its place is Future Quest Present and issue #1 from this mini-series is out this week. Future Quest brought the team together to modern times. Now in Future Quest Presents we get stories that are strictly devoted to certain characters. First up is Space Ghost, his quest to rebuild the Space Force and mysterious new villains. Future Quest Presents has content that will be OK for ages seven and up, but might require too much reading for them to really enjoy it. Ages nine and up who like cool science fiction with adventure will get the most out of this series.

Teen Titans Go!

People as young as five can pick up Teen Titans Go!, making it one of the go-to all ages comics each month it comes out. The visuals are bright, the action is silly, it has superheroes that they know from the television show and it’s only $2.99.

Doctor Who

We’ve talked about Doctor Who in the podcast lots and some folks aren’t convinced that it can be classed as an all ages comics. Ages nine and up will get the most out of this comic book. There is not anything graphic about Doctor Who, but it’s more complex than most of the younger skewing comics. It’s science fiction that fans of the show will immediately dig. There’s also a sly sense of humor in the comic that is evident by its cover homage to The Matrix.

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Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017 Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017 Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017 Best all ages comics for August 16, 2017

One of the best all ages comics this week is this original graphic novel, Alexander Hamilton. It's all history and great for ages 9 and up.


The Sandwich Generation is real-and doesn’t include bacon, Part One

August 14, 2017

Make copies of your older parent’s documents. The credit cards, driver’s license, insurance cards-anything that they would keep in their wallet or purse make a copy of them. We save all of the important numbers, such as Medicare, birth date, social and various insurance numbers on a saved document on our computer, in our KeyPass and hard copies that we keep in the filing cabinet.
About 10 years ago my father gave me a document entitled “Dad RIP”. At the time I thought it was kind of morbid, but saved it to our computer. In reality that document has only assisted us once during the past year’s worth of doctors and hospital visits.
What have been much more beneficial are the stacks of go-to documents that were needed. Our mandatory stack of copied documents is the POA, Last Will and Testament and any current medical notes. That last one is a quick debrief of his operations and procedures in the recent history, as well as a note from a doctor that he’s seen very recently.

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The Rise of the Rusty Robo-Cat is doodle-rific for creative kids

August 12, 2017

It starts out by giving your young reader a series of draw challenges. The computer sets up the book by telling junior agents that they need to draw a space vampire. Not soon after that Carl the duck bursts in the room looking for his cat. It turns out that an evil cat has built a giant rusty Robo-Cat and wants to turn all of the cats in town into evil robot cats.
Along the way readers have to draw some cat snacks, something to trap cats, trip them up and other crazy things that elementary students are doodling. As reading text, The Rise of The Rusty Robo-Cat is appropriate for ages 7 and up to read alone.

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The Song From Somewhere Else, YA mystery with quality

August 11, 2017

The story takes place during a one-week period and each day ratchets up the tension and mystery. We won’t spoil anything in the book, but let’s just say that Nicholas and his family are not normal. They aren’t malicious, but they are not normal and the more people that realize this fact make things dangerous for them.
When reading The Song From Somewhere Else readers will immediately pay attention to the illustrations in the book by Levi Penfold. This is not a graphic novel, but there are illustrations or shading on every page. The effect adds to dread, mystery and story that happens in the book. Throughout the book the shading ebbs and flow, until the end when things are resolved and the pages return their normal color.

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Creepy Pair of Underwear is an instant children’s classic

August 10, 2017

But they’re creepy and they glow in the dark. The forest green glow that they emit at night scares Jasper, so he takes them off. However, in the morning he’s wearing the Creepy Underwear again! He goes through all manner of getting rid of them, but much like the lava rock necklace that Candace wore in Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation, it keeps coming back to him.
Creepy Pair of Underwear is laugh out loud funny. Children who are four years old will be able to relate to the fact that Jasper wants to be a big kid, but also yearns to be protected by mom and dad. Our seven year old loves the book too because it’s one that he can read on his own and it provides laughter and comfort in the fact that it’s OK to be scared of things, even if they don’t make sense.

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Crayola invites you to Dandelion’s retirement tour this weekend in Atlanta

August 9, 2017

Fans, shoppers and those that just like to color with Crayola Crayons can see Dan D. at Target stores Saturday, August 12 in Canton (9AM-11AM), Cumming (1PM-3 PM) and John’s Creek (5PM-7PM), as well as, Sunday, August 13 at Marietta East Target (9 AM-11 AM) and Atlanta Perimeter Target (1 PM-3PM). The gifts that Dan D. will be bringing are some free 4-packs of Dandelion Crayola Crayons that were created exclusively for Target.

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The Battles of Tolkien, deep end-yet also accessible Middle Earth

August 8, 2017

It’s flexible, compact and rectangular, with a red jacket that’s embossed/stamped with warriors on the front and back. The fact that you can bend the book makes it feel like you’re carrying around an Orc battle journal. For the record, I’m not, nor do I resemble Gandalf the Grey, I’m more Hobbit of suburbia-shire.
The art in the book is stellar. It varies from simple black sketches on part of one page; two-page color spreads with giant beasts, maps, family lineage and more. The illustrations, combined with the format of the book will draw in people who aren’t familiar with or haven’t read Tolkien’s work. By looking at the incredibly detailed illustrations readers who check out The Battles of Tolkien will be curious about the source material.

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