A feature film that is rated R? Holy ghosts of Team America, please tell me more. Batman: The Killing Joke is an R rated film that will have a two night theatrical appearance via Fathom Events. The animation in Batman: The Killing Joke is similar to that which is used in Batman: The Animated Adventures. The Killing Joke earns its R rating and is not appropriate for children. However, fans of the graphic novel or a deep appreciation of the dark knight will relish seeing a Batman tale where the joker goes too far.

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The Killing Joke is a movie. The classic Joker tale and his backstory is animated, rated R and earns every bit of it. Not for the kids, but awesome for those who like their Batman dark and their villains truly evil


New all age comic books for July 20, 2016

by Daddy Mojo on July 19, 2016

It’s a great week for graphic novels and trade paperbacks. It’s not that there aren’t any great new all age comic books, it’s just that there are a couple new graphic novels or trade paperbacks that bundle together some cool series.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Great Lakes Avengers, Dragons Riders of Berk and The Cloud are three different graphic novels. The Cloud is a fabulous fantasy book that’s brand new for fans of Mouseguard or the Jim Henson titles that have come out on Archaia. Dragons continues the adventures of Berk, while Squirrel Girl is a great title that girls will really love. Ignore the T+ rating on this one as it’s great for anyone 7 and up.

In action all age comic books you’ll find 2 new Star Wars magazines, Doctor Who, Back to the Future and a couple others. Humor readers will enjoy two of our go-to books, Lumberjanes and Simpsons Comics, both of which are some of the best humor, content and art for ages 6 and up. Grumpy Cat, Groo, a new Betty & Veronica series, a couple Disney books and Strawberry Shortcake round out the comics.

The music in the podcast is from Scott Holmes, you can dig all of his music over at Free Music Archives. The links in the post will take you to TFAW where you’ll save up to 20% off your online orders. To find your closest comic book store just put your zip code into the Comic Book Shop Locator site.

New all age comic books for July 20, 2016



Science fiction/action


Oscar and the Amazing Gravity Repellent, doesn’t repel, is amazing

July 18, 2016

This is what surprised me about Oscar and the Amazing Gravity Repellent. It is a children’s book, however, it’s less silly than other age appropriate books, but it’s fun, engaging and quickly paced. It succeeds in being funny, wondrous and encouraging kids to read, without being a book that predominately relies on potty humor. When the characters in the book do something dangerous, they sometimes fail-and get hurt. There are consequences to their actions, something that is rarely seen in a book for this age group.

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Play Well LEGO Camp, fun for brick builders in summer and beyond

July 17, 2016

But the point is there were no instructions-and that’s what we wanted. I want our kids to be able to create the freakiest snake-dragon car or mega airplane that they want to without needing instructions and know that it’s OK to simply make things up.
The Minecraft Play Well Lego Summer Camp that he attended did that. It was a class of about a dozen kids, boys and girls, aged 5-7 in our case who wanted to have fun. Kids are natural engineers, we just help the realize it-that’s the tagline that you’ll see when you visit the Play Well website.

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New all age comic books for July 13, 2016

July 13, 2016

Mickey Mouse Short Season 1 is a mini-series from IDW that is a comic book adaptation of the animated shorts that you may have seen on Disney. These shorts are funny, clever and feature animation is not tradition Mickey Mouse. The animation in those shorts is reminiscent of blocky, government production that you might associate with the 60’s. However, they’re funny, refreshing and a pleasure to watch when you see them on television. The comic book version is adapted from television by Scott Tipton.
Also in humor is Scooby Doo Where Are You? #71, Spongebob Comics #58, Bravest Warriors trade paperback #7 and many others.
The biggest surprise is how many superhero all age comic books there are this week. DC brings a couple nice older stories that will be great for any age reader.

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Peanuts, Friends Forever 2016 Special, flawless storytelling and art

July 12, 2016

That story wraps up by being a metaphor about the end of the comic and life itself. Everyone, regardless of their age has had something that they care about go away, but there is always another day. This comic book tell the story in a way that is funny, poignant and reminds you why this is one of the comic strips (or books) that you’ll enjoy no matter what your age.
There are two other stories in the book that were written by Charles Schulz, but have new adaptations. Also as a bonus there are four classic comic strips that were originally printed in the Sunday newspapers. But the cover to this issue is the clincher.

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The Secret Life of Pets review

July 7, 2016

The pacing in The Secret Life of Pets is incredibly fast and at times doesn’t give you enough time to appreciate the jokes. The biggest difference between The Secret Life of Pets and a Pixar film is that it doesn’t take a jab at your tear ducts. There are a couple deep scenes where the pets are in real peril. However, those scenes are quick and have a quick happy ending or an over-the-top funny ending.
The Secret Life of Pets is also a strong central PG rating. Ages 5 and up will laugh throughout and want to see it again.

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New all age comic books for July 6, 2016

July 6, 2016

In action and science fiction it’s a good week for time and space. There are two Doctor Who comic books, Doctor Who Adventures (great for kids 6-13), a Doctor Who book featuring River song and a new Doctor Who comics event that features the four most recent doctors! All of this leads up to Doctor Who Comics Day, which is June 9. Arguably, this is a bigger deal in the U.K. than elsewhere, but bigger comic shops will still have something going on.

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