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Hero Cats of Stellar City is the story of 6 cats with super hero powers.  All of them can read and communicate, but some of them can build robots, read minds or have other super powers.   You’re not into cats so this all age’s comic isn’t for you or your children?  Don’t worry because it turns out that Stellar City also have a couple of humans with super powers, in addition to some baddies that will come forth in future issues.


Hero Cats is a new all ages comic that isn’t all cats, could use a bit more action-but is good enough to keep kids interested


We do love some building block sets.  KRE-O has a bunch of new sets that are themed around Transformers.  One of the new sets aimed at younger children is the Age of Extinction Grimlock Street Attack Set.   It features Grimlock, a break-away Chinese gate, one gold knight Optimus Prime Kreon and two Vehicon Kreons.

Grimlock is about to get real in KRE-O Transformers  Age of Extinction set

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Protect your tech, win an Impact Folio Case by Tech 21

August 26, 2014

Impact Folio features FlexShock™, a new hybrid energy absorbing material which absorbs, dissipates and repels damaging impact force away from your device.
The Impact Folio’s unique, geometric ribbing structure is built to exceed MIL-STD 810G.516.6. I have no idea what that means. It sounds more like the specifications to a condom than a computer case. However, in both cases they withstand pressure, provide pleasure, enjoyment and offer protection.

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Naptime DIY: Go buy a water key

August 25, 2014

Recently one of our neighbors ran up to our door and said “I need a man”! Well, thanks for the compliment, but she was obviously talking about a major leak in the second floor pipes that was cascading down onto the first floor. Her mother had found the water turn off switch in the ground and she was frantically trying to turn it using some pliers.

I went to the garage, found our water key and quickly turned off their water. They had spent about ten minutes trying to turn the water off and in that time all of the ceiling’s downstairs, ceiling fans and carpet were ruined.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Milano Starship review

August 23, 2014

The batteries are included in the Milano so you’ll be good to go on firing it up from the moment it’s out of the box. The sound and light effects are pretty cool on the front end of the toy, eliciting a pause and ‘whoah’ from our son.
After his Keanu Reeves moment he proceeded to pick up the Milano and pilot her all over the living room. His slightly clumsy (or overenthusiastic) four year old hands caused the bottom wings of the three sub-wings to fall off.

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Taking the family to the beach on a Prius #ToyotaRoadTrip #ad

August 22, 2014

The interior of the 2014 Toyota Prius and the way it handled kept reminding me of a vehicle from Buck Rogers or Demolition Man. To the driver’s right there is what that arcs looks like a piece of art over an area where you can put your phone, wallet and cubits for spare tribbles. The dash/front wind shield is massive and looks like one could simply swipe their hand across it to move cursors for the navigation.

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Skyward #9 concludes this story arc-still great all ages comic

August 21, 2014

If that sounds a bit cumbersome there is a nice recap page that breaks things down a bit more than I did here.
Skyward #9 is great all ages. If I were a child I would have loved this issue and been camping out at the office of Jeremy Dale to start issue 10 now. For proof of how enthusiastic Skyward’s youth fans are just look at the letters from fans page, appropriately entitled Skywords.
There are drawings that some young readers send in, questions about the next issue and some really nice interaction from Jeremy Dale.

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A non-tech review of the D-Link Wireless Range Extender

August 20, 2014

I just plugged it into a wall outlet, pushed the button on the side and watched the light flash. It’s working! But is it really working? I mean, it could be like those computers on Star Trek that turn, blink and do all manner of showy things, but don’t really do anything.
The first test came when our internet provider accidentally cut the cord in our yard. Ooops, we cut the cord to your internet and television, but we can’t come out for 5 days to fix it, our bad.

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