The Inside Job-And Other Skills I Learned as A Superspy starts out of the gate with the team on a mission. We’re immediately introduced to a team of superspies who are all kids ranging in age from 11 to their late teens. Hale serves as the book’s central character. He’s a young kid who, along with his sister and other friends is ex-SRS agents who were intent committing crimes all over the world.

That’s an accurate overview of the book but it’s also a lot to take in at once.  What is SRS and how am I supposed to keep track of six strong protagonists, a couple antagonists and a shadowy organization that may or may not include Hale’s mom-who he thought was dead?

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The Inside Job-And Other Skills I Learned As A Superspy is a great series for middle schoolers who are going away from the picture aided books (like Wimpy Kid), but still have a fun, enjoyable read that kids will actively seek out.


We’re on the Stream Team with Netflix and this giveaway was provided by them. Update: our kids are still digging Beat Bugs on Netflix. It’s been a couple weeks into their fascination with the show and the music is still being enjoyed. Have you or your kids seen Beat Bugs on Netflix?

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It’s a Netflix original that is geared to kids 2-7 and features top notch Beatles cover songs done by some of today’s best artists. Sure the kids don’t know that its source material will be influencing their children’s music-and that is OK with them. They like it now and that’s a great place to start.

This giveaway is for a 6 month subscription to Netflix.

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For super mega bonus entries film you and your crew doing your best Beat Bugs demo real. Jam out a capella or with some instruments and share it on Twitter-tagging @DaddyMojo and use #BeatBugs.  Something like we did below, except with more feeling and less 4 year old angst.

Tonight on the site we will be giving away a 6 month membership to @netflix and it all revolves around this.

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I Love Construction Vehicles (and I Love Rescue Vehicles) review

August 24, 2016

The I Love Construction Vehicles set is something that kids will like. Our almost 7 year old became tired of the play aspect of the set within a couple days. He does still like the book and put the poster up on his wall, but the enjoyment of a majority of the set faded quickly for him. The retail cost of the set is $19.99. That’s an expensive thing for a child to quickly lose interest in. If you can purchase it at half off then it’s a much more enthusiastic recommendation.
We saw it on sale at Costco for $9.99 and that is a sweet spot for enjoyment. At that price it’s a fun project that you can do with the kids and not feel guilty if it falls by the wayside. I would not buy this for $19.99. At that price you could purchase any number of LEGO toys (with $5 to spare) that you know they’ll enjoy for a long time.

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Youth baseball coach dad wins the internet

August 24, 2016

It would be too easy to show examples on the other side of the parenting and sports equation. For now,this coach and parent, 100 times more please.

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All Age Comic Books for August 24, 2016

August 22, 2016

Also in science fiction and action there are a couple Doctor Who comic books, Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Magazine Special-it’s a great week to be a Whovian. These comics are OK for all ages, but will have lots of reading. Ages 10 and up will also want to check out Godzilla Rage Across Time, it tracks Godzilla through time and how those in different epochs dealt with him. All age comic books for the fable/fantasy folks include Usagi Yojimbo, Over the Garden Wall and Munchkin. Any of those comics will be great for ages 8 and up, it just depends on their reading style.

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Denny’s, talking Pancake and free swag

August 21, 2016

For about 25 minutes Pancake answered questions in real time on Denny’s Facebook page. He was witty, charming, had great things to say about bacon (who doesn’t?) and gave away leggings, shirts and lots more free Denny’s swag. It was a virtual puppet show with jokes and lots of folks watching on Facebook Live getting door prizes.
All of this stemmed from The Grand Slams, an online campaign of funny shorts that has generated 62 million views since 2014.

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Free entry August 20 & 21 to Six Flags Over Georgia for military

August 19, 2016

Are you an active duty military member with a valid ID? If so then you’ll receive free admission for yourself and up to 3 other family members. Are you a retired military member or veteran? If so you’ll get a 50% discount off admission to the park. Active military members can also purchase additional tickets at 50% off. All admission tickets must be purchased at the park.
It’s all part of the Military Appreciation Weekend at Six Flags Over Georgia on August 20 and 21.

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Children’s music, kindie and Beat Bugs of note on Netflix

August 19, 2016

The music in Beat Bugs are all cover songs from The Beatles done by today’s artists. The Shins, Chris Cornell, James Corden, Sia, James Bay, Pink, Eddie Vedder and others all have songs in some episodes. What’s more surprising is that the songs are good. It’s quality music that was recorded and performed with care by some cool musicians.
One might be expecting less than first caliber music in a children’s show. Go on, admit it. Part of that is what we’re used to in some children’s television programming. In some cases that is OK because the program’s intent is not to showcase the music.

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