Imagine a snack party tray that has chocolate, bacon, vegetables, fruit, as well as, exotic new bites that you haven’t tried before. The second kindie version of this catch-all audio cornucopia is out with a ‘love’ twist.  Heart Beats: Feel Good Songs for Families from Mighty Mo Productions takes 12 songs from kindie music artists for a near perfect sampling of music that’s great for all ages.

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Although Heart Beats is a kindie compilation with ‘love’ songs, it’s not just for Valentine’s Day-and it’s not just for kids.


New all age comics for February 10, 2016

by Daddy Mojo on February 10, 2016

What a fun week for all age comics. #4 of Zodiac Starforce comes out. This is great for the girls who want to see action, battles, learn about teamwork and good fun. It also sounds like the name of a roller rink circa 1976. There are a couple Turtle titles including a $1 greatest hits that is great for people who want to learn about them or dig a classic story.

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Jonesy #1 is about a teen who is trying to figure out life, navigate school, difficult musical choices and of course-love. The twist is that she has the power to make two people fall in love.  Scooby Doo Where Are You, Spongebob Comics, Doctor Who 10th Year 2 #2 comes out this week also.

Where is your closest comic book shop?  Just type in your zip code and the closest store will magically appear. The links will take you to TFAW, where you’ll save up to 20% on your orders. Either way, get your young reader on, be it for you or simply encouraging a certain 6 year old.






Jungle Fighters is first hand WW II history for tweens and up

February 9, 2016

Because Archer was actually on the ground from the beginning the events in Jungle Fighters have a unique, taut sense of urgency that allows readers to better understand the story. The book is complemented with dozens of personal photos from the island and his time there. Those pictures show the living conditions that Archer and his men faced, the islanders that helped them during their time, as well as, some from the perspective of Japanese soldiers.

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That’s (Not) Mine is instant fun for all (ages)

February 7, 2016

The art is warm, cartoonish and instantly friendly. This is the art that your child will see and immediately want to read the book and see more of.
The story is the book is one that parents of more than one child will instantly relate to. It’s the classic “it’s mine” argument, played out by two bears, laid bare and silly in a lesson that children will understand and (hopefully) emulate. While reading the book our 6 year old knows that the argument between the two bears is futile and annoying.

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The Superbowl Sunday Collectors Con in Atlanta, Feb 7

February 6, 2016

The event has two fabulous artist/animators appearing. Both of them will not be charging for autographs and have a body of work that will impress new comic book fans, as well as, old school folks from back in the day.
Robert Pope is an artist whose work I knew, but never knew that I knew until I interviewed him. He’s been drawing Scooby-Doo and Peanuts, both titles we’ve highlighted many times during our weekly all age comic book run down. We also have it on good authority that there will many tables with $1 comics and probably some tables with $5 graphic novels. If you have a young reader in the house it’s an excellent time to stock up on things.

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New all age comics for February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016

One of our favorite books has a new trade paperback. Lumberjanes Volume 3 collects issues 9-12 of this great series for anyone. The new Back to The Future comic has Doc Brown and his newly fixed flux capacitor trying to get the gang back together. Throw in some Doctor Who and Angry Birds and it’s a busy week for fans of this genre.
The humor folks have their pick of the litter between two Walt Disney titles, Regular Show, My Little Pony, Looney Tunes and many more. Hero Cats are the world’s most feline super heroes. This is a great book with story and art that defy their normally sleepy and laser pointer obsessed subject matter.

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Fantastic Fugitives makes non-fiction reading fun for tweens

February 2, 2016

Some of the people that author Brianna DuMont writes about will be known to middle scholars, while others will be brand new. Nelson Mandela and Harriet Tubman are two of the people that are featured that will be of interest to students especially during Black History Month. Every profile is written in a very fun, playful and conversational manner. Even more surprising is how Fantastic Fugitives manages to make stories about Koxinga, Typhoid Mary or Mary, Queen of Scots entertaining.

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44 minutes of relaxation on Netflix #StreamTeam

January 30, 2016

Toss in some parallel story items about civil liberties and you’ve got a show that will keep you hooked throughout Continuum’s entire run. Person of Interest is our night-in of television when the wife and I just want to have fun and enjoy some solid network caliber programming. Luther, on the other hand was my go-to show for a week. I watched every episode and then immediately wished that I didn’t watch them so that I could watch them again for the first time.

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