All ages comics for October 25

by Daddy Mojo on October 23, 2017

It’s the week of Halloween ComicFest, happening this Saturday, October 28. To find out which of your local comic books stores is participating-and what they’ll have there, please check out their website. Some stores will have more things happening; all participating comic book stores will have candy and free books, many of which will be all ages comics for those young readers.

In the podcast we’ll talk about a great one-shot all ages comics from one of the best Disney films in the past decade, a cool coloring book from a classic video game maker, an old school magazine for fans of monsters and preview one of the best original graphic novels of the year for ages five and up. Check out the podcast and share it with a friend. Now, let’s take a look at five of the other all ages comics that will entertain boys and girls.

Frozen Magazine

Frozen Magazine #17 hits stores this week. It’s for fans of Frozen and has the benefit of not being accompanied by a song that your child will sing over and over. Frozen has original stories and only costs $3.99.


Spookhouse was a fabulous mini-series by Eric Powell and Steve Mannion that managed to be an all ages comics that was both scary AND fine for young readers 7 and up. This graphic novel collects the complete mini-series. That is worth stating because it was challenging to find in your local store. This is fun, spooky stuff that kids in elementary school will love to read.

Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight

A series that could stand to have a monthly presence in all ages comics is Goosebumps. This week has the classic franchise dipping their toe into comic books with Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight. It’s a three issue mini-series that readers in elementary school will enjoy. This is a logical fit because Goosebumps is a stable book at the Scholastic Book Fairs, which elementary school kids love to visit and learn about cool things to read.


Ducktales is the more action oriented Disney comic book title. Donald, Scrooge and the nephews get into all manner of trouble in an all ages comic book that has more reading than you might think. Ages 5 and up are OK with the content, however, ages 8 and up will be able to read it by themselves without assistance.


Tangled The Series Adventure Is Calling is a trade paperback that, much like Big Hero 6, is one of the better and more original creations from the Mouse House. From IDW Publishing, this Tangled collection will appeal to girls more than boys, but has enough action to keep them reading.

The music in the podcast is from Hicham Chahidi over at Free Music Archive.

All ages comics for October 25 post



All ages comics for October 25

All ages comics for October 25



All ages comics for October 25

All ages comics for October 25



All ages comics for October 25


I’m not an animation purist, but I absolutely love stop motion animation. It’s the tactile notion that what I see moving on screen is a real thing. I immediately think of the creators behind it, their attention to detail as they move each model one small movement at a time. City Mouse, Country Mouse by Maggie  Rudy is a book that evokes that level of detail, love and commitment.

Image from City Mouse, Country Mouse by Maggie Rudy

City Mouse, Country Mouse by Maggie Rudy is a simple tale, with magical, highly detailed photographs and hand-made scenery that will excite children through second grade


A Netflix giveaway, plus Stranger Things 2 and other spooky doings

October 20, 2017

Re: Stranger Things. Had this show been more graphic in its language or effects it wouldn’t have been as entertaining. More graphic violence would’ve limited its audience and dramatically decreased the amount of people that would’ve given it a chance. However, under the 80’s cloak it wears, the show manages to be an homage to movies and storylines from that era. The result is an engaging story that’s mature enough to be great for adults, with the right amount of scares to entertain-and be appropriate for teens. Season 2 of Stranger Things starts to streams October 27 on Netflix.
For younger audiences there are lots of choices on Netflix that will help them get spooky, without making them lose sleep. Scooby Doo, the live action movie is one that our 6-year old loves to watch. It’s mildly scary for him and even then he knows there’s something silly around the corner.

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HBO Home Entertainment Blu-ray giveaway: Silicon Valley and Veep

October 20, 2017

If you’re a fan of quality television then several shows on HBO are on your list. Veep, The Complete Sixth Season and Silicon Valley, The Complete Fourth Season are out on Blu-ray DVD and here’s your chance to win both of them. Veep stars the legendary Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice President of the United […]

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Win a family 4-pack of tickets to Disney Junior at the Movies: Halloveen Party!

October 19, 2017

This special Disney Junior event will include four episodes including Mickey and the Roadster Racers and a never-before-seen episode of Vampirina. The giveaway is valid for tickets to a Fathom Events movie theater near you for the October 26 or 28 show.

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Monster Trucks is a monster driven great good-night book

October 18, 2017

As a good night book, Monster Trucks is just perfect. It’s loaded with playful, colorful scenes of monsters, trucks and silly things. From the mummies putting a giant octopus in an ambulance to witch driving a street cleaner (cleaning cats!), artist Misa Saburi captures young people’s attention. Author Joy Keller’s rhyming text also does a very effective job of keeping young people entertained throughout the book for multiple readings.

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All ages comics for October 18

October 17, 2017

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSWhat are the new all ages comics this week? If you want to get some of the mini-comics for Halloween ComicFest the end is nigh. They’re packs of 25 mini-comics and only cost $4.99. There are some great all age graphic novels, collections of comic strips […]

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Elizabeth and Zenobia, middle school Goth that works

October 16, 2017

What Elizabeth and Zenobia does very well as a book is to keep the mystery at a constant level of curiosity. It’s not a scary book, but does have a playful edge of dredge around the perimeter of the story. As soon as Elizabeth and Zenobia arrive at Witheridge House with her father, they’re greeted by Mrs. Purswell, a stern woman who is in charge of the house.
She quickly lays out rules for the property including which areas Elizabeth has permission to enter and those that are prohibited. When Elizabeth requests things for Zenobia her father dismisses it as an overactive imagination that she should’ve aged out of by now.

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